Oatlys guidelines and policy for processing personal data when using this forum

To post or comment in this forum, you need to enter your name and email address. Your email address will not be displayed to other visitors of the forum.

  • Oatly AB, 556466-1043, Jagaregatan 4, 211 19 Malmö, Sweden, is responsible for the processing of personal data provided in this forum.
  • Oatly stores your personal information (name, email address and IP address) on servers located in Sweden and Ireland for up to 2 years.
  • The name you enter is published publicly on the forum together with your post.
  • Oatly AB has the right to contact you via the email address you entered for purposes connected with your use of the forum.
  • Your IP address stored may be used to troubleshoot, prevent abuse and recognise you when you return to the forum.
  • Oatly AB will not sell or otherwise distribute your e-mail address, or information obtained using it, to third parties without your written consent.
  • For more information about how Oatly processes personal data, read our privacy policy.

If you want to delete a post you have written in this forum you must press the warning triangle shown in the post and inform us what you want us to do with the post, and an editor will soon delete the information.

Content Policy

As a user of this forum you accept that what you write may be published and thereby read by visitors of the forum.

The following guidelines apply to the content published in this forum:

  • Individuals who wish to delete or reprimand inappropriate content do so in connection with posts and comments.
  • We always remove inappropriate content. Such content includes racist posts, incitement to ethnic groups, pornography, threats or offensive / condescending comments on people, the call for violence or criminal behavior, and advertising that explicitly favors products and businesses. We also ask our users to avoid an overly aggressive language in the form of profanity as it is often perceived as offensive.
  • In some cases, we also delete posts in cases where they are obviously irrelevant to the website or context in which they are posted.
  • This forum is subject to the Swedish Act on Electronic Message Boards (1998: 112). We therefore immediately remove content that violates this law.