Lawsuit against Glebe Farm

I'd like to strongly suggest that Oatly stops its trademark lawsuit against Glebe Farm. I LOVE your products, but if you turn out to be a bunch of aggressive corporate types using your muscle to squash 'competition' (come on—it's really not), then I don't think I can continue to buy your stuff. I've just ordered some PureOaty, I hope it's good, because I might need to find an alternative to you.

I do hope your friendly, fun and slightly crazy image you work hard to portray doesn't turn out to be a lie...
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  • Hi Dave,

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    We are always thrilled when new companies join the plant-based movement, as this is the only way we can create a more sustainable future. But it is the first time a product in the UK is called Oaty, and we believe it is too close to Oatly.

    For some background, we approached Glebe Farms in a letter in early 2020 telling them we think their branding infringed our trademark. We, unfortunately, did not receive a constructive response from them which is why an impartial legal system is now in charge of the matter.

    We are limited with what we can discuss as the court case is ongoing, but if you want to read up on it yourself, the court case documents are public, and we’ve made them available on

    All the best,

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