Are your products GM free?

I would like to know if all your products are GM free.

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  • Hi Jeremy,

    Our products do not contain any GMO ingredients. We have chosen not to use GMO ingredients, as we don't want to be part of the GMO industry. GMO ingredients can also be difficult to control. In some areas, they may be beneficial, but this has to be evaluated depending on the case. We apply the precautionary principle meaning that we act carefully when there is a lack of consensus concerning technology. This in order to avoid unnecessary risktaking and unpredicted consequenses.

    All the best
  • I've read your reply to Jeremy's question above, but I just want to be absolutely clear - are all your Oatly milks, regardless of which country they're sold in, free of GMO ingredients? (the oats, rapeseed oil, etc). I've bought the Oatly Original but it doesn't state on the carton that it's GMO-free, I find that unusual. Thanks in advance

  • Hi Joy,

    You can be confident that we do not use GMO ingredients in any of our markets. All of our products, including our oat drinks, are absolutely GMO-free no matter where they are purchased.

    All the best

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