Bigger Cartons?!

Dear Oatly
Please can you start making some bigger cartons of your oat milk? My whole house are converted but we go through about 6 cartons a week! It would be so much easier just to buy a 4 pint carton instead of having to have loads of little 1l cartons, not to mention the extra packaging too!!
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  • Hi there Steff,

    Thank you so much for your question and for caring about sustainability as much as we do! It is also lovely to know that you and your family are enjoying our product so much!

    We are always looking to improve our products and lower our climate impact. For this reason, providing bigger cartons has been on our mind for some time so it may well be something we see in our future. The main issue right now is that we are a bit struggling for space in our facilities, so the 1L carton is our best option at the moment. However, as our company grows, we are working on expanding our range to suit all needs and provide more sustainable options.

    Please don't hesitate to contact us again if you have any other suggestions or questions.

    All the Best,
  • Hi, I too am going through Oatly by the dozen. If you can make a line in 2-3l (4 pints) sizes I would definitely buy them. It always feels like a waste to go through that much packaging so quickly.

    Thank you! And pass on my love to the oats.
  • Hi Vic,

    Great to hear your thoughts about this! Your interest in a larger carton size will be passed on to our team.

    All the best
  • I agree that larger cartons vital. Also my supermarket has not had the barista available for a couple of weeks at least and I keep having to buy from my local cafe. Time to buy shares...
  • Hi Fran,

    Thanks for your feedback!

    We're sorry to hear your local supermarket has been running out of our Barista. It looks like we've just written to you about our stockists, so thanks for reaching out!

    All the best,
  • hi

    unlike the above people, we like the product but are not using a litre in a week so could you introduce a smaller size too?


  • Hi Peter,

    Thanks for reaching out! I absolutely understand your concern about wanting to use the whole carton. We do currently have a junior sized carton which is 250 ml. However, this has not been launched in the UK yet. We are excited to make this available as soon as possible though so do keep an eye out for it.

    In the meantime, our oat drinks are absolutely fine to freeze as well as use in cooking if either of those could be a good option to help you use the entire litre.

    All the best
  • Tell us about your cartons , we all know that here has been controversy about recyling tetrapacs what about your cartons and plastic lids?

    charlotte baker
  • Hi Charlotte,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    Our oat drink cartons are made by Tetra Pak, and while currently over 90% of local authorities in the UK are equipped with recycling spots, we’re aware that recycling schemes tend to vary depending on where you live and the recycling technology available in the area. We are working with Tetra Pak on expanding these capabilities, and you'll be able to find the closest recycling spots to you on Tetra Pak's website.

    When it comes to our packaging, Tetra Pak is the most sustainable packaging option as our cartons have a 60-70% less carbon impact than that of glass or PET plastic bottles. We take into account the full life-cycle of our cartons, and the largest climate impact of a package lies in the raw material that is being used. Therefore, the most sustainable option is cartons made from resources that are continually replenished.

    The most important aspect for us is to increase the amount of renewable material in our packaging and to ensure the packaging can be recycled into new products. Currently 84% of the packaging of our total range is made from renewable materials, such as FSC certified paperboard and Bonsucro certified bioplastic. Tetra Pak's recycling system ensures all of the materials are recycled and reused. The carton can be recycled as cardboard while the cap is recycled as plastic.

    If you'd like to learn more about our sustainability efforts, please take a look at our Sustainability Report here. 

    I hope that helps address your concerns. If you have any other questions please let us know.

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