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Can you bring back the smaller (250ml) cartons?

I’m adding my voice to the smaller cartons please.
I live on my own and getting through a whole litre carton is too much. I hate pouring left over oat milk down the sink, it’s such a waste. Freezing is not an option for me. I love your barista edition milk. Half litre size would be perfect, and quarter litre cartons for children and others who are camping, having days out etc. Your sales may increase with these added choices?.?
here’s hoping
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  • Hi, really looking forward to seeing these in the UK, especially the junior oat drink. Our baby has oatly chilled whole milk as his main milk drink so
    having the mini ones will be great when we are out and about. Does the junior have the same nutritional value as the whole chilled milk? Many thanks 

  • Hi Julie and Anita,

    Thank you for stopping by! We really appreciate your opinions!

    Hopefully, we can bring smaller cartons like our 0,5 l Barista Edition and our 250 ml junior pack with paper straws (same nutritional value as our Oatdrink) to the UK in the near future. Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and website as we most likely would announce oatsome news like this on there!

    Have a lovely day!

    All the best,
  • Hi Oatly,

    I am also a big fan of your oat milk. My son has a dairy intolerance/allergy and we are very happy that Oatly provides all the vitamins and minerals that cow's milk would, which are important for healthy development. For us, the smaller sized cartons would be so useful. We have a full sized one in the fridge, on the go at all times, but the smaller cartons would be perfect for a picnic or when we go camping (and don't have a fridge) so you can open one at breakfast/lunch etc.

    I am also currently campaigning the government to change the definition of 'milk' they have to include fortified plant based milks in their Nursery Milk Scheme and Healthy Start Schemes. Oatly would fill this gap perfectly, as it is not cow or soya based (which are the main allergies). If you already had smaller sized cartons in the market, they might be able to be used to supply to schools.

    Kind regards,

  • Hi there Jana,

    Thanks so much for your post, it's really encouraging to see such demand for the smaller cartons and particularly interesting re your second paragraph. There's still such a gap in terms of school offering plant-based options and it's amazing to hear that there's people like yourself out there trying to change it from the source. Please do keep us updated on your journey in making this happen?

    For now, I'd like to direct you to a recently updated forum post on the small size cartons (link below). Sadly, the launch keeps suffering delays but we'll update the thread as and when we get more info.

    All the best, Oatly
  • Hi, do you have any update on when you will be introducing junior size cartons?  These are really really needed for children to take to school as no alternative is provided by schools and they need the calcium.
  • Such a shame they’ve been delayed again. My little girl starts school nursery this week and although she’s always been on Oatly, I’m having to trial a different brand which has the small cartons because I don’t want her to feel different from the other children. Whatever brand we settle on, we will probably make that our main drink for bigger cartons too.
  • Hello there,

    Sadly no update as yet but rest assured that we're sending all of these requests across to our product team so they're aware of the huge demand!


  • Hi there, my son is going off to university and the smaller size would be of far more benefit to him. He’d struggle to get through the litre size cartons and I hate to think of how much wastage there might be.
    I see from the comments that many customers are looking fir the smaller size. Hopefully, the small cartons will be launched in the UK very soon.
  • Hi,

    Does the post on Instagram today 13/09 mean the the smaller cartons will be back soon?


  • Hi
    As mentioned in previous comments, the small cartons would be brilliant for children that suffer from allergies. Currently there are no other options and some schools are looking at ‘milk policies’ to try and manage this issue.
  • Another request for junior Oatly please! I have to send oat milk into school for my daughter as they only provide cows milk. The smaller cartons would be so useful as they don’t have milk at school everyday and so this would stop wastage of the big cartons.
  • Hello everyone!

    Sadly, still no smaller cartons in the UK. Our product team are really working hard to launch them here as we know how high the demand is. Right now, it's looking like they won't be here this year, but they're expected in 2022 all being well. As soon as we know more we'll be sure to keep you all updated on our forum.

    All the best, Oatly

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