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Can you bring back the smaller (250ml) cartons?

I’m adding my voice to the smaller cartons please.
I live on my own and getting through a whole litre carton is too much. I hate pouring left over oat milk down the sink, it’s such a waste. Freezing is not an option for me. I love your barista edition milk. Half litre size would be perfect, and quarter litre cartons for children and others who are camping, having days out etc. Your sales may increase with these added choices?.?
here’s hoping
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  • Hi, really looking forward to seeing these in the UK, especially the junior oat drink. Our baby has oatly chilled whole milk as his main milk drink so
    having the mini ones will be great when we are out and about. Does the junior have the same nutritional value as the whole chilled milk? Many thanks 

  • Hi Julie and Anita,

    Thank you for stopping by! We really appreciate your opinions!

    Hopefully, we can bring smaller cartons like our 0,5 l Barista Edition and our 250 ml junior pack with paper straws (same nutritional value as our Oatdrink) to the UK in the near future. Make sure to keep an eye on our Instagram and website as we most likely would announce oatsome news like this on there!

    Have a lovely day!

    All the best,

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