Can you tell me more about your new Vanilla Oat Drink?

The newest addition to our family is our creamy, sweet, vanilla flavoured oat drink. A pinch of sugar supports the natural sweetness of the oats and rounds off the vanilla experience. The added rapeseed oil gives it its creamy consistency and a few nutritionally valuable vitamins and minerals that that the drink not only scores with its taste, but also with its nutritional value. This product can be used both hot and cold.

Why are you using sugar instead of agave syrup?
When we develop our products, we try to achieve the desired taste using the minimum amount of sugar. However, our products do not always work in terms of their taste without added sugar and in this case we needed to add some extra sugar to achieve the perfect taste and level of sweetness that we were aiming for. While we’d love to use agave syrup instead, unfortunately it’s become too expensive and therefore would’ve driven up the price of the product, so we use regular sugar instead. Most of the time we do not add sugar to our products, e.g. in our unflavoured oat drinks, as the sugar they contain occurs naturally in oats and is created when the oat starch is broken down to maltose during the production process. Other products, such as ice cream or even a vanilla drink, are generally not considered healthy foods, but are primarily intended for enjoyment. We would like to offer a plant-based alternative in this area too, because this is much better for our planet than its dairy equivalent.

Can your Oat Drink Vanilla Flavour be used in tea and coffee?
Unfortunately this oat drink isn’t designed to be used in coffee or tea as it doesn’t contain an acidity regulator (dipotassium phosphate) so it will tend to split. For tea and coffee we’d recommend either our Barista, Whole, Semi or Skinny oat drink.

Can your oat drink Vanilla Flavour be used in cooking?
Yes, our oat drink Vanilla Flavour can be used in the same way as you would with cow’s milk - for drinking, cooking, baking and any other way that you like your milk (except it will split when added to acidic hot drinks like tea and coffee). For cooking and baking, simply replace the dairy milk with the same quantity of our oat drink in the recipe.

What are the ‘natural flavourings’ found in your oat drink Vanilla Flavour (UK) made from? 
The natural flavourings in our oat drink Vanilla flavour are based on propylene glycol. They include a proprietary flavour blend derived primarily from vanilla and a small amount of sugar syrup.

Why do you use ‘natural flavouring’ instead of real vanilla or ‘vanilla flavouring’?
Unfortunately natural vanilla flavouring is too expensive, so while we would’ve liked to use it, we had to use natural flavouring instead. It turns out the natural flavouring gave it an improved vanilla taste profile, though!

Isn't it misleading to call your product Vanilla Flavour oat drink when it doesn't contain vanilla?
Our product is labelled in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements regarding flavourings. For legal reasons (due to it not having enough vanilla in our product), we cannot call the product ‘Vanilla drink’ or similar. The full product name is Oatly Oat Drink Vanilla Flavour.
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