Do Oatly’s products contain gluten?

Because we place special demands on the cleanliness of our raw oats, we are able to guarantee that Oatly products contain less than 100 ppm (mg/kg product) gluten from wheat, rye and barley. This is comparable to products that may be labelled "Very low gluten" and which are allowed to contain max 100 ppm gluten. We guarantee the same limits for all of the products in our range. Products that are labelled "gluten-free" may not contain more than 20 ppm gluten, and the gluten content in Oatly's products is not this low.

US: Our products in the US are made from certified gluten-free oats and are labelled gluten-free.

AUS: In Australia – we cannot label Oatly as gluten-free. For a food to be called gluten-free, the food must not contain detectable gluten, oats or oat products; or cereals containing gluten that have been malted, or products of such cereals. For a food to be called low gluten, the food must contain no more than 20 mg gluten/100 g of the food.

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