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Do Oatly’s products contain gluten?

Because we place special demands on the cleanliness of our raw oats, we are able to guarantee that Oatly products contain less than 100 ppm (mg/kg product) gluten from wheat, rye and barley. This is comparable to products that may be labelled "Very low gluten" and which are allowed to contain max 100 ppm gluten. We guarantee the same limits for all of the products in our range. Products that are labelled "gluten-free" may not contain more than 20 ppm gluten, and the gluten content in Oatly's products is not this low.

US: Our products in the US are made from certified gluten-free oats and are labelled gluten-free.

AUS: In Australia – we cannot label Oatly as gluten free. For a food to be called gluten free, the food must not contain detectable gluten, oats or oat products; or cereals containing gluten that have been malted, or products of such cereals. For a food to be called low gluten, the food must contain no more than 20 mg gluten/100 g of the food.
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  • Please please please make Oatly properly gluten free in the UK
  • Shame about the gluten content. I was going to make your Barista my favoured addition to coffee but, as a celiac I think I'd better stop using it. Something has been giving me some symptoms and I was beginning to wonder whether it might be Oatly!
  • Please, please, please make all your products gluten free. I loved Oatly before I became intolerant. Now it makes me poorly 🙁
  • Will you ever follow your US supply here in the UK and only use gluten free oats?
  • Hi Nats,

    Thank you for your email.

    We would love for Oatly to be gluten free. Our hope is that oats will become a more major crop which would make the price of the raw material lower, thus enabling us to include gluten-free products in our range.

    All the best,
  • Hi Stephanie thanks for your reply.  Could you explain that a bit more because technically oats are gluten free and the way they get to contain gluten is contamination.  So they don't undergo a process to make them gluten free.  I'm not sure how just increasing the size of the crop means that the risk of contamination diminishes?  What is different about the production in the USA that means they can be categorized as gluten free?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Pauline,

    Thank you for your message. Of course, let me explain further for you.

    Our U.S range is made with Canadian gluten free oats ('no gluten' printed on the packages) whereas our products available on other markets are made with 'low gluten' oats, but not gluten free.  While oat in itself is completely free from gluten proteins, it may be contaminated during harvesting, transport etc. We can guarantee that our products contain a maximum of 100 parts per million (mg/kg product) gluten, which is the limit for products to be recognized as very low gluten products.  

    For a product to be labelled "gluten-free", the gluten level must be less than 20 ppm of gluten.

    In order to create gluten-free products, the raw material that is required - absolutely gluten free oats - is still much more expensive than the oats we use today. As of now, there is not enough supply of gluten free oats and we are also not able to handle such in our facilities as it takes a very special and controlled environment. We have therefore concluded that we won't be making the switch to these pure oats as this would greatly affect the price of our products, which are already more expensive than their dairy counterparts.

    I hope this helps!

    All the best,
  • HI Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and explaining the situation.  So just to clarify the only difference between the Canadian and Swedish oats is that the Canadian oats have been produced in an an environment that guarantees protection from contamination from other sources whereas that guarantee can't absolutely be given for the Swedish supply?  But the oats themselves aren't materially any different?  Thanks again!  Brilliant website by the way - very comprehensive!
  • Hi Pauline,

    Exactly - you got it!  If you have any other questions do not hesitate to get in contact!

    All the best,
  • Hope Oatly in the UK can be made Gluten Free soon!! I love this product.
  • Hello. Please make your oats gluten free 🙏
  • Hi Rachael,

    Duly noted!

    All the best
  • Hi,

    Just to add to the gluten-free discussion, oats are mostly contaminated with gluten due to cross contamination from neighbouring fields (seeds carried by wind or animals), and also regular oats are milled in mills in which other gluten containing grains are milled.
    Thus, oats can contain up to 15% other grains.
    The process of growing gluten-free oats thus means planting them far away (not sure how far) from gluten containing fields and milled at special gluten-free mills.
    This explains the price difference. I’m not sure why they are able to do it Soo much cheaper in the US/Canada though, it must be a question of quantity. Obviously, the more you produce, the cheaper the price and GF brands like Bobs red mill in US have become huge and thus prices are lower...

    Buy more GF oats in Europe and prices will drop 😀
  • I’ve moved to a gluten free diet as I might be intolerant and had no idea about the very low gluten content 100 ppm etc. I’m going to give it a go as I love the barista version but please please can it just be gluten free?! 😬
  • I'm crossing my fingers that some day your oat milk in the UK will be gluten free! Used to absolutely love it but as a Coeliac I now can't drink it. None of the GF oat milks I have tried come anywhere close to how good yours is! :'(
    Jade Bell
  • Please make Oatly gluten free like in USA.
  • Please make Oatley fully gluten free!
  • Would definitely pay more if you guys could make a Gluten Free version of Oatly Barista from Therese, Ireland.
  • Hi all,

    We are as excited as you are to include gluten-free products in our range. Hopefully this will become a realistic option for us soon!

    All the best
  • Add to the comments .. gluten free for coeliacs who don’t want dairy please
    Diane mulloy
  • Gluten free please for us coeliacs who don’t want or can’t eat dairy products !
    Diane mulloy
  • Great news! Coffee in particular is never quite the same with any of the alternative milks I can tolerate: rice, almond, coconut. They don’t froth and they aren’t creamy!

  • Please try to make your products entirely gluten free. For us celiacs low gluten is just not good enough. Soya milk is not unproblematic in other respects (thyroid and other hormonal comtraindications) and none of the other non-dairy alternatives quite work in coffee. So a gluten free oatly would be wonderful!
    Feli Turner
  • Hi,
    I have just been alerted to the fact that your delicious milk isn't gluten free !

    So disappointed as I love it, my tea tastes so good but I'll have to stop buying it.
    Really hope you can make it gluten free in the future.

  • Gluten free please for coeliacs!
    Georgie F
  • Hello everybody! We’ve added your requests (as statistics, no names) to the long list of people who want gluten free versions, thank you all for reaching out.

  • Please do make your milk gluten free In the UK soon! I struggled to find a dairy free milk I enjoyed and love the taste of oatly... but now no longer able to enjoy it due to gluten intolerance. 

  • Hello, may I join in/added to the list? I would love there to be a gluten free option! I get so jealous of the non-celiacs drinking their oatly flat whites.
    Ebrill Kelly-Williams
  • Hi there,

    We hear you and the list is definitely growing! Thanks for getting in touch.

    All the best
  • Oatly could give Alpro a run for their money in Costa if they sorted this out.
    Emma Jones
  • Please make these products gluten free! We all love your products in my family but my little girl is now gluten free so she can’t enjoy!
    June smith
  • Please add me to the gluten free oat milk request.
  • I have also discovered it’s not gluten free and will have to stop purchasing until that changes.

    please add me to the list :-)

  • Plus 1 for a gluten free version - why can't you import from the USA/Canada?
    steve daniels
  • Been a big fan of this since my sister in Scotland recommended i try it as i wanted to move away from dairy...It is the only diary alternative to cow milk that is actually Perfect in Tea and Coffee..My sister did all the research and Oatly is what she found to be the best and tastiest ...(My sister is smart). But id like to echo everyone comments to try have it GF as ive got family who are celiacs and Really wanna enjoy this the way we do...So Please Please sort it ..And yes they and i would pay more if that was needed..PS my current use is about six litres a month :P
    Martin Traynor
  • Just another person who wants to add their voice to the prayer for gluten free Oatly!
  • Please make a gluten free Oatly milk for coeliacs! Oat milk is the best in coffee and for the planet and I've just found out that I can't drink it anymore and I'm so upset!
  • Another one for the gluten—free list!
  • Gluten free oatly barista would be a dream!! Pleasere
  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for adding to the discussion. Gluten-free is firmly on the wishlist!

    All the best
  • Please add me and my daughter to the list too! Love the product and want to consume less dairy, but it makes me unwell due to my gluten intolerance.
  • Adding my vote for making all Oatly products GF. I'm coeliac and dairy-free and Oatly is my fav but now that I've been diagnosed, I can't have it anymore. 🙁
  • Another supporter for gluten free please! I have to drink  Rude Health oat milk in the UK at the moment and it’s nowhere near as nice as your Oatly Barista.
  • Hi Josie, Keith and Justine,

    Thank you for sending us your requests, and we really appreciate all the love!

    We've taken note of your requests for gluten-free products, and we hope that this will be a possibility in the future! 

    All the best,
  • Hi, can you please tell me which of your products are gluten free in the UK? I cannot have gluten or dairy products and am wanting to make sure I stay safe.
    Looking at this post it goes back to 2018, surely with 3 years of customers requesting gluten free products you can start to action this more widely in the UK now?

    Claire K
  • Hi Claire,

    Unfortunately none of our products are completely gluten free as we don't use 'pure' oats, but our production is set up in such a way that we can guarantee they contain less than 100 ppm of gluten - which deems the product to be very low in gluten. The same applies to our ice creams.

    Unfortunately it currently isn't feasible for us to source gluten-free oats in Europe as the cost of the raw material is significantly higher than the cost of conventional oats, due to the separate infrastructure that is needed to handle them in order to keep them gluten-free.

    We hope that as more of the oats grown in Europe are used for human consumption instead of animal fodder, the demand for gluten-free oats will increase and, as a result, the price will drop as more infrastructure is invested in.

    We're sorry that this is taking quite some time, and we hope to see these changes in the future.

    Please let us know if you have any further questions.

    All the best,
  • Another requesting Gluten free...

    As others have stated, you could introduce a gluten free option along side your existing range and charge more.. or import from the USA and charge more, If nothing else it's work trying to see if the audience exists for it.

    It seems odd to me to have such a demand for a product and people literally coming to you to ask for it, but no action in three years - even if the supply here in Europe isn't what you'd like it to be, I don't believe it's as impossible as the replies make out and more simply that as a business you don't want to, for example I can buy 5kg of gluten free oats for £15.78 and I believe that's a price worth paying to have them, so the amount you'd buy should surely be a more reasonable price than that and broken down to the price of one carton I'm sure people would pay it...

    Anyway, another name to add to the list... maybe in another 3 years time it might be a reality.
  • Just found out about this. Love the product but unless it becomes gf I can't purchase it anymore.
  • Hi Dan and Robert,

    As Sophie mentioned, we are sorry that it is taking a long time for us to produce a gluten free product in Europe. We are working hard to make it happen!

    Thanks for your input and letting us know your thoughts!

    All the best
  • It's a shame it's not gluten free. I love the product but my partner has coeliac disease so I will not be able to enjoy it at home.
  • as A gluten intolerance sufferer I can just about cope with this however I’d love it to go fully gluten free! Do we have a goal for then the company will try to be gluten free? Say end of 2020 maybe? Oatly is getting extremely popular and the demand I can see is rising and I’d love to see more cafes stock you guys!
  • Hi James and Steph,

    We're sorry to hear that you're unable to enjoy our products. Unfortunately we don't currently have a date set, however we are aware that there is a large demand for a gluten-free version so it's definitely something we're looking to consider!

    All the best,
  • Please go GF, ice cream too, I'd pay more
  • I have son with autism spectrum. He must be on gluten free diet. In UK there are many, many children like my son. The price does not matter. Please, do it for us.
  • Hi Jen and Magdalena,

    We're sorry to hear that your son isn't able to enjoy our products, Magdalena. It saddens us to hear that people are missing out. 

    We have heard from a lot of our consumers that they would really like a gluten-free version, so we understand how important this is and are working hard to make it happen.

    All the best,
  • I have fortunately just read the website before opening the Oatly custard that I was about to have, to see if you had any suggestions of things that could be added to the custard (eg cocoa powder, to make chocolate custard to go with pears). I had also not realised that your products are not certified gluten free (it is difficult to tell when they are in the "free from" section in the supermarket), and so I will not be able to eat them.
    Please add my name to the growing list of Coeliac disease sufferers who would love for your products to be GF, and who won't be buying them again until they are; your chocolate milk is heavenly, and I was very excited about trying the custard!

  • Please add me to the list of people desperate for Gluten free Oatly products!
    Ella B
  • Hi Vic and Ella,

    Thank you for letting us know! We've added you to our list of requests for our products to become gluten-free.

    Vic, we're sorry to hear that you will no longer be able to enjoy our products, and we hope we're able to change this in the future!

    All the best,
  • Yes, please make every effort to make Oatly gluten free. I've had to give up drinking it due to gluten side effects. Such a shame....
    Damian Evans
  • Both me and my wife use the barista version of you oat milk in coffee, that we both really like. She has developed a severe gluten intolerance and can no longer use it. It would be very useful if you could produce a gluten free version. We are well aware that this old be more expensive and would be happy to pay an extra premium for a gluten free product.
    Jim peters
  • Hi Damian and Jim,

    Thank you for letting us know.

    We're sorry to hear that you are no longer able to enjoy our products. We're aware that there is a large demand for our products in the UK to become gluten-free so this is something we're looking into. Hopefully it'll be a possibility in the future!

    All the best,
  • Sad to note that your delicious Oatly drink is not gluten free.  Please add another coeliac sufferer to your growing list of customers who would pay more for a GF version.  Understand the difficulties surrounding the practicalities of providing this, but this is the only delicious alternative to dairy on the market.  Fingers crossed
    Jane Brink
  • I think the majority of people are willing to pay more for certified GF Oatly, I know I am. Most of us have other intolerances and to find something that tastes great is a blessing. Why don't you work out the costs and than gather public opinion and see if it's a viable option?

    Davina Mills
  • Me too.  GF, please.  I'm coeliac and just discovered I can't drink your product anymore. Shame.
    Gary John
  • Hi there,

    Thank you for all of your inputs. We really appreciate where each of you is coming from, and we're sorry you're unable to enjoy our products.

    We understand that many gluten-free consumers are used to paying more for gluten-free products, and we are looking into seeing whether this could be a viable option in the future as we've seen a growing demand for these gluten-free versions. 

    Thanks again, and we hope this will become a possibility in the future.

    All the best,
  • Oatly Batista enabled me to finally go dairy free and the health benefits from that have been hugely positive. Ive been recomending it to everyone :-)
    Now a little further into my health journey I've discovered I'm gluten sensitive, and I believe I'm getting a reaction from it from time to time depending on the batch, I'm devastated and don't know what to do without it. Nothing else compares. Please get gluten free sorted in the UK ASAP!!!
    Thanks for making a great product and awesome packaging.

  • I have tried Oatly milk a few years ago. It tastes really nice and is one of the best vegan milk products I have ever had! Sadly, it is not gluten-free and that was before I got diagnosed with coeliac disease (with symptoms I hardly noticed before) so I can’t have any of the Oatly products at the moment. I really miss it. I have read all of the above comments and understand your reasons and updates. I’d like to say thank you for trying your best to make it possible. A few years’ wait is quite a long time and may be worth it. Please add me to your growing list of customers, make all of your Oatly products suitable for coeliacs as soon as possible and let us know when you have any further updates. Thanks in advance, Chris =)
  • Hi Another coeliac here! Please add me to the ever-growing list for Gluten free Oatly.
    Also a question where you say below 100 ppm gluten is this for the final product or just the oats used? 100ppm of 10% of the oats used would be a very different story to total 100ppm for the made drink.
    Best regards, John
  • Hi Lynne, Chris and John,

    Thank you for letting us know, and we've added you to our list. We're sorry to hear that you've had to go without our products, and we really appreciate your patience.

    That's a great point that you raise, John, and thank you for this feedback. The amount of gluten that we measure is per 100ml of the final product (not just the oats used), so they contain 100ppm gluten per 100ml of product. Unfortunately we're not able to reduce the amount of oats we use in our products at the moment as this would change the taste, texture, function and creaminess of our products.

    All the best,
  • Another plea for gluten free barista from me 🙂

    Steph Hammond
  • Hi Steph,

    Thanks for your input. The list is growing!

    All the best,
  • Another request for gluten free Oatly. Please add me to your list!
  • Hi Victoria,

    Your interest has been added to the list! Thanks for reaching out.

    All the best,
  • I have been coeliac for over 25 years but only recently become dairy intolerant too which is a big pain in the proverbial!  Please, please make your oat milk gluten free. I’ve tried the rest and thought I’d found the best but found it’s not gluten free. Soon as you can please.

  • Just found out in the last few weeks your uk oatly isn’t gluten free after suffering and I just couldn’t pin point what it was! I must of gone on to your US website when having a browse for milk alternatives! I absolutely love oatly and cannot find a comparison for my coffee! Fingers crossed for gluten free!!!!
    Mrs Bland
  • Please can you add another 3 requests to your list? There are 3 coeliacs in my house and we all would love to be able to consume Oatly products. Many thanks, Sam Kowhan
    Samantha Kowhan
  • Please seriously try to make gluten free oatly happen. Those of us with coeliac and gluten intolerance have a hard time of it.  Many of us have other intolerances too such as dairy and soya and so the list of foods that we can consume does start to shrink startlingly.  So certified products are of great importance to us.  There is a very large percentage of us in the UK.  I don’t think there is another UK company that offers certified gluten free oat milk.  I could be wrong! So if there isn’t just think what a coup you’d be making by producing the only certified gluten free oat milk in the UK.  You could work with CoeliacUK and see how they could help.  All the best Lizzie
  • Hi lovely Oatly milk people, Coeliacs have a tough time finding nice alternatives to food they used to love. It would make many people very happy if you could do a gluten free version especially my daughter. Rude and Plenish are available GF but they are just not nearly as nice as Oatly and from a selfish point of view MY porridge suffer too even though it’s just my daughter who is Coeliac. 🙁
    We would happily pay more, we are used to it.. x
  • Hi everyone,

    We hear you. We are sorry that those with coeliac or gluten intolerance are not able to enjoy our products and we are working hard to make a gluten-free products happen. We absolutely hope that a gluten-free option will become a reality sooner rather than later!

    All the best,
  • Just to add my request that you make your products gluten free please, my 2 year olds allergy consultant advised we should switch from coconut milk to oat milk but unfortunately will not be able to use your product as I only give her gluten free oats as she has a wheat allergy (a long with a few others) and cannot take the risk of cross contamination with wheat.
  • Please, add me to the list/numbers looking for certified gluten free oatly
    Beth Taylor
  • Hi Karen and Beth,

    Thank you for getting involved! Your interest in a gluten-free option has been noted.

    All the best,
  • Definitely add me to the list for gluten free Oatly as well. Oat milk is my favourite dairy substitute and as a coeliac it's heartbreaking to see so many super yummy Oatly products I can't try yet. At the moment it's such a struggle to find gluten free oat milk, it would be great if you could make it more accessible!
    Sarah Wilders
  • Hello,
    Please add me to the list - I have only just thought to check if your products are gluten free and I was delighted to find they are but realised it was your US version. I’m coeliac and vegan - so I’m gutted not to be able to continue to use it as the Barista is the best on the market. Whilst I haven’t had any symptoms I need to stop using it as consuming gluten can cause fertility issues for coeliacs. My husband and I get through 6 cartons a week so we would happily pay a premium for the GF version.
    Thanks for taking the time to consider this 

  • Hi Esther and Sarah,

    Thank you for letting us know. We're so sorry to hear you've been missing out, and we'll be sure to add you to our list. 

    All the best,
  • We love the Barista Oatly in our home and have 6 carton's a week, but I'm going to have to stop buying it as I've been told I need to be completely gluten free due to Hashimoto's.

    I am sure you would make an absolute killing if you could get this to work in the UK!

  • Hi Charlie,

    I'm so sorry to hear that you'll no longer be able to enjoy our Barista oat drink.

    Thank you for letting us know, and I will be sure to pass on your request. I can imagine they would indeed be a hit!

    All the best,
  • Please add another vote to your issue for coeliacs I was made aware of recently is that a lot of cafés use your oat milk in their coffee machines and equipment isn’t cleaned after, which means we can’t enjoy any of their coffees due to cc. Would be great if this was made of gf oats.
  • Please could you add me to the list for gluten free products.  I was using oatly before and hadn't realised it wasn't gluten free.  This is must for me. Thank you
  • Hi Rebecca and Carolyn,

    Thank you for letting us know, and we're sorry you're unable to enjoy our products.

    We appreciate the point you raised about the cross-contamination occurring in cafes too, Rebecca - so thank you for raising this with us. 

    All the best,
  • As a coeliac who’s recently realised dairy is a problem, I’m gutted to learn Oatly is not gluten free. And it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon.
    Paul Grayson-Mather
  • Hi,
    One more request for a GF 'Oatly Barista' version; I guess it might be simplest to go GF across the board, but, at the very least, PLEASE do the Barista version GF, as we all love it here... (Sadly my partner can't have it though, as he has to be GF, so he's missing out!)
    I hope people keep adding to the list... surely only a matter of time now....?
  • GF please
  • Please add me to the GF plea!! I love Oatly Barista but will have to give it up as I'm suffering intolerance.. desperate for some GF Oatly it's the only one l can drink in coffee and tea...
    Beverley Ann Beevers
  • My eldest son is gluten sensitive, I was just trying to find the cause of resistant symptoms and gutted to find it’s probably oatly!!! We all love it but we’ll have to switch now. 

    Please make GF free oatly available in The UK!

    Elisabeth Down
  • Hi everybody,

    thank you all for reaching out and for letting us know about your requests. They are very important to us and hopefully we'll be able to grant them someday.

    All the best,
  • We'd be another customer of your certified gluten free barista oat milk and happily pay more for it! Even better would be an organic version too, which I'd pay double for. Just found out my husband has Hashimoto's so he now has to be totally gluten free. No more Oatly Barista, boo 🙁 Please make that change!
    Valerie Redfern
  • Hi Valerie,

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us!

    We'll make sure that our Product Developers hear about your wish. Hopefully, this is something we can offer in the future!

    All the best,
  • I am gluten, dairy, egg, and fructose free. I discovered your oat milk through my friend who is dairy free. It’s the only alternative I can tolerate, the rest are nasty, so I am on the no gluten free list too. It currently means I cannot have cereal etc! I’m the first comment of 2021!
  • Please make your oat milk gluten free.....pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
    Donna Kane
  • Hi Donna,

    We hear you!!

    We'll forward your wish to our Product Developers.

    Stay safe and oatsome!

    All the best,
  • I would love to buy gluten free products from you, even if they were a bit more expensive. Fingers crossed you can bring out a g/f range in the future!
  • Hi Sarah,

    Thank you for letting us know about your thoughts regarding gluten free products! We'll let our Product Developers know.

    Fingers crossed!

    Peace oat!
  • Hahaha... It's getting a bit laughable to hear again and again the same replies over the YEARS to the gluten-free question...

    Karim, are you only just now thinking of letting your developers know?? Your colleagues gave the impression of having done so years ago...

    It doesn't seem to make sense that having an obvious market for a more expensive gluten-free (and organic, I hope!) range of your products you haven't developed one yet! You had the time! No one is asking you to lose money either... So it begs to question how much you actually care about your customers then... (particularly, the gluten intolerant ones)

  • Ah, I just found out Oatly might have gluten in it. Should have realised, as we're well aware of the difference between regular and 'pure' oats. My husband has become gluten and dairy intolerant, and also has problems with soya, so Oatly was a godsend.  We managed to get some yoghurt for the first time recently, and he had that, plus some chocolate milk, and we're wondering if that is why he's had a spell of feeling ill.  We will experiment with just having a little at a time to see if it's just down to quantity (on top of the oats and granola for breakfast that he's normally ok with).

    We completely understand the economics of it - Oatly products like yoghurt and creme fraiche are a treat for him already, so any extra cost would reduce our purchases.

    (The first Christmas we were going through all this, my Mum bought Oatly cream for him to put on his Christmas pudding, and we all had a taste, and then he had to guard it, because we liked it better than dairy cream!)

    Anyway, add us to the list of "Yes please!" for an affordable GF version.
  • Let us assure you all that we are aware of the interest for gluten free products, and have been for quite some time now. We want everyone to be able to be a part of the oat family and plant-based movement! Hopefully, this can become reality in the not too distant future!

    Sue, thank you for sharing with us! We will definitely be adding your vote to the list.

    Have an oatsome weekend!
  • I wish to be added to you list for an Oatly gluten free option to become available in the UK
    Lesley Gaff
  • Hi Lesley,

    Consider yourself added!

    Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week!

    All the best,
  • Please make UK Oatly gluten free 🙏
  • Please add me to your GF Oatly list.  Family of 3 coeliacs, one also has dairy allergy and one also nut allergy, so our choices are limited!  We would happily pay a little more for a GF version if it means we can bring some family favourites back to the table...
    Jen Thomas
  • Hi, just want to add that it's not just coeliacs, there are lots of auto immune diseases that mean consuming any allergens means risk of disability. For lots of people who have a very limited diet, finding something that not only doesn't hurt them but tastes nice is a proper hallelujah moment.
  • Hi! Add me to the list for a GF option please!
    Michelle Woods
  • Thank you all for stopping by and letting us know about your wish for gluten free products! Our Product Developers will be informed. Hopefully, your wish can come true sooner than later.

    Stay safe and oatsome out there!

    All the best,
  • I've just become intolerant of gluten and have been drinking your delicious Barista Oatly - please add me to your long long list of people requesting a gluten free product!
    Ann Chown
  • I have coeliac disease and would be very pleased if you could make all your products properly gluten free so that I can eat them. Please could you let me know if and when that happens ?

  • Just adding to the list of requests for Gluten Free Oatly!! Would absolutely adore this as a gluten intolerant customer!

    Thanks Oatly!
    Verity Rivett
  • Please add me to the list for gluten free products. My son assures me its the best but i need it to be gluten free please.
    Michelle Carter
  • Hi there,
    I couldn't agree more with all the million pleas for a GF version of Oatly before me!!! Please please add another name to what must be an insanely long list of ex-Oatly lovers who's had to stop buying Oatly because it's not GF. Surely your market share must be affected by this ever growing group of GF oat-milk users having to switch to other GF Oat milk brands? Pls just convert your global production to GF & achieve economies of scale this way to make it a viable business option (before your competitors beat you to it! (there is one GF Oat milk brand that I'm aware of in the UK)) & make gluten intolerance/allergy sufferers all the over the world happy!!!
  • Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and making your voices heard!

    Every single one of you have been added to our gluten free wish list, shared with our Product Developers.

    Stay safe everyone!

    All the best,
  • Yet another request for gluten free Oatly here. I am unable to tolerate the small amount of gluten it contains so I must stick to Rude Health GF. I MUCH prefer the taste of Oatly and I love that you fortify your drinks with calcium etc too (unlike Rude Health). I would happily pay more, just as I do to buy GF Oats and other GF products.
  • Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Your wish for a gluten free and enriched product has been registered with our product developers.

    We prefer to enrich our products for the sake of our consumers health and making the transition from cow's milk to plant-based easier, without losing any important vitamins and minerals. If we will be able to offer a gluten free and enriched product in the future is still too early to say but let's keep our fingers crossed!

    Stay oatsome!
  • I have also just realised that your products are not gluten free after having them for years. It’s crazy! Please make your products gluten free. Gluten is so bad for your body, especially in women. I’d be happy to pay more too.
  • There is definitely a market for a certified GF version. The people have spoken :-)
    Ian Goldsmith
  • Hello Carly and Ian,

    Thank you for stopping by and making you voices heard!

    Your wishes will definitely be passed on to our Product Developers.

    Have a lovely day!

    All the best,
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