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Do Oatly’s products contain gluten?

Because we place special demands on the cleanliness of our raw oats, we are able to guarantee that Oatly products contain less than 100 ppm (mg/kg product) gluten from wheat, rye and barley. This is comparable to products that may be labelled "Very low gluten" and which are allowed to contain max 100 ppm gluten. We guarantee the same limits for all of the products in our range. Products that are labelled "gluten-free" may not contain more than 20 ppm gluten, and the gluten content in Oatly's products is not this low.

US: Our products in the US are made from certified gluten-free oats and are labelled gluten-free.
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  • Please please please make Oatly properly gluten free in the UK
    Emma Jones
  • Shame about the gluten content. I was going to make your Barista my favoured addition to coffee but, as a celiac I think I'd better stop using it. Something has been giving me some symptoms and I was beginning to wonder whether it might be Oatly!
    Marilyn Squires
  • Please, please, please make all your products gluten free. I loved Oatly before I became intolerant. Now it makes me poorly 🙁
  • Will you ever follow your US supply here in the UK and only use gluten free oats?
  • Hi Nats,

    Thank you for your email.

    We would love for Oatly to be gluten free. Our hope is that oats will become a more major crop which would make the price of the raw material lower, thus enabling us to include gluten-free products in our range.

    All the best,
  • Hi Stephanie thanks for your reply.  Could you explain that a bit more because technically oats are gluten free and the way they get to contain gluten is contamination.  So they don't undergo a process to make them gluten free.  I'm not sure how just increasing the size of the crop means that the risk of contamination diminishes?  What is different about the production in the USA that means they can be categorized as gluten free?

    Many thanks,

  • Hi Pauline,

    Thank you for your message. Of course, let me explain further for you.

    Our U.S range is made with Canadian gluten free oats ('no gluten' printed on the packages) whereas our products available on other markets are made with 'low gluten' oats, but not gluten free.  While oat in itself is completely free from gluten proteins, it may be contaminated during harvesting, transport etc. We can guarantee that our products contain a maximum of 100 parts per million (mg/kg product) gluten, which is the limit for products to be recognized as very low gluten products.  

    For a product to be labelled "gluten-free", the gluten level must be less than 20 ppm of gluten.

    In order to create gluten-free products, the raw material that is required - absolutely gluten free oats - is still much more expensive than the oats we use today. As of now, there is not enough supply of gluten free oats and we are also not able to handle such in our facilities as it takes a very special and controlled environment. We have therefore concluded that we won't be making the switch to these pure oats as this would greatly affect the price of our products, which are already more expensive than their dairy counterparts.

    I hope this helps!

    All the best,
  • HI Stephanie,

    Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly and explaining the situation.  So just to clarify the only difference between the Canadian and Swedish oats is that the Canadian oats have been produced in an an environment that guarantees protection from contamination from other sources whereas that guarantee can't absolutely be given for the Swedish supply?  But the oats themselves aren't materially any different?  Thanks again!  Brilliant website by the way - very comprehensive!
  • Hi Pauline,

    Exactly - you got it!  If you have any other questions do not hesitate to get in contact!

    All the best,
  • Hope Oatly in the UK can be made Gluten Free soon!! I love this product.
  • Hello. Please make your oats gluten free 🙏
    Rachael Thomas
  • Hi Rachael,

    Duly noted!

    All the best

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