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Do you sell junior (250ml) cartons in the UK?

As yet junior cartons aren't available in the UK.

Launching them here has been in the pipeline for quite some time but unfortunately, this keeps suffering delays. They’ll be making an appearance at some point in the future, but no date has been confirmed.

We realise the huge demand for smaller cartons to fit neatly into lunchboxes up and down the UK, and so our product team will be doing all they can to make them a reality sooner rather than later.

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  • Hi
    Just to add another voice! Another mum here! It would be super useful to have the smaller size cartons!!! Would be a life saver for when there's no fridge handy or just popping out!!!
    Can't wait 😀
  • Hi Mum,

    Thanks for taking the time to let us know, we'll add you to the (very long) list of those who want to see these on UK shores!

    Love, Oatly
  • Please Oatly, another mum here to add to the veeeery long list 😃 I’ve been following this thread for quite a while now ❤️
  • We hear you Sara! You've been noted down along with all the other keen beans, and we're crossing our fingers for you!

    Thanks for sticking by us and for following all the updates along the way - we really appreciate that!
  • If it's worth adding one more voice; like Sara above, I've been following this for a long time and still keen for portable Oatly! No need to reply 😀
  • My nephew is currently excluded from having milk in school because they can’t accommodate the litre cartons in their fridge and he has a severe dairy allergy requiring an epipen- if you had smaller cartons not only Would it be more convenient but would also mean children like him are not excluded in milk time in school, breaks my heart that he already misses out on so much and now misses out on this basic but importantpart of school life. Please Oatly- crack on with this
  • Hi what us the update with this?
    Would love to send my son into school with some as they won't provide them!
  • We've got you noted down, Karen!

    Lisa, I'm sorry to hear your nephew has been excluded from having milk in school, and that does sound very challenging with his allergies. I'll pass your request onto our Product team so they're aware of these difficulties. We all definitely understand how beneficial these junior cartons would be in schools and for children with allergies, and we hope that one day your nephew and others will be able to enjoy our junior cartons.

    And Claire, I'm sorry to say that there hasn't been any updates as our junior cartons haven't arrived yet. We're on top of it though, so our Product team's fully aware of the demand and hopefully one day it'll be a possibility.
  • Hello,
    Any update on when these will be available in the UK? They are the perfect size for school. Come on Oatly,  You can do it!

  • Hi Kelly,

    It looks like we'll be launching them in 2022, after many delays. We were really hoping that we'd get them in 2021 but a lot of delays have taken place due to covid restrictions.

    We're so sorry to keep you waiting and we promise our product team are on it and trying their utmost to launch them as soon as possible.

    All the best,


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