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Do you sell junior (250ml) cartons in the UK?

Unfortunately our smaller (250ml) oat drink cartons are not available in the UK at the moment. The reason for this is that we're amending our packaging to replace the previous plastic straw with a sustainable alternative. The new design will therefore be in line with the new ban on single-use plastic in the UK.

We've received a lot of requests for these smaller cartons so we're aware of the demand for them, and we hope to see these smaller cartons in the future!

In the meantime, if you’re finding that you’re not able to use the full amount of our 1L oat drink cartons, our products are also fine to freeze and can be used in cooking too.
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  • If you decant a container into smaller cartons and freeze them could you use the frozen Oatly directly in a cup of coffee or would you have to defrost first? Thank you.
  • Is there any update on this? The kids can’t have diary and it would be so handy to have load of smaller cartons to take with us or give to grandparents etc
  • Hey Oli,

    No updates on mini Oatly's at the moment. They're in the pipeline for the UK but we don't have a launch date as yet.

    Sorry to keep you waiting!

    Love, Oatly
  • Hey Lana,

    If you freeze our products we'd recommend warming the milk gently before using in tea/coffee otherwise it might be a little bit grainy.

    Love, Oatly

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