Do your products contain palm oil?

We use palm oil in some of our products because it has a fat composition with functional properties needed in these products. We are very aware of the problematic situation with palm oil production and therefore use certified, traceable palm oil. We strongly oppose the deforestation and exploitation that occur in the production of palm oil and are working closely with our supplier to ensure a sustainable production of the palm oil we purchase.

We are constantly reviewing our ingredients from a health and sustainability perspective. In May 2016, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) released a report on undesired substances that can be formed when refining vegetable oils; palm oil was found to have the highest levels. The palm oil we use in our products contains relatively low levels of these undesired substances; however, the potential health risks are something we take seriously. That's why we are gradually phasing out palm oil in our fat blends and switching to other saturated vegetable fats like fully hydrogenated coconut oil, fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil, and coconut oil, depending on the product. Since the risk of health effects related to the undesired substances is assessed as very low, we will update our products with new fat blends during 2018 and 2019.
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