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Hi Guys
I am in Scotland,And use Oatly for our Grandaughter,  so would you say, me drinking a litre of your product imported from Sweden has a lower environmental impact than a litre of local Scottish cows milk?
How many litres of water does it take to produce 1 litre of Oatly, and what do you do with the by products of your processes, oat husks, grey water etc?


  • Hi Brian, thanks for getting in touch! Yes, it has a lower impact even though it’s imported. We ship oat drink to china and it still has a lower impact than milk from Chinese cows.

    The life cycle assessment conducted for our products in 2018 shows that from “cradle to grave,” we use approximately 6.4 liters of water per liter of oat drink. Approximately 80% of the water is used during production in our factory (15% is ingredient water and 65% is consumed in connection with dishwashing and cleaning) and the remaining 20% is expended in other lifecycle steps (milling, transport and the manufacture of packaging).

    To reduce water consumption, in 2018 we optimized the dishwashing process (partly by reusing rinsing water) and closed the systems for hot and cold water, all of which is successfully conserving both water and energy. That put us at 5.3 litres per litre, our target is 3.0 and we are building our own waste-water treatment plant in Landskrona, Sweden, where our factory’s at.

    Our oat residues are sent to a farm nearby our factory and fed to pigs because this is the most sustainable option right now. We are working on turning the residues into tasty products for human consumption and have begun to explore the possibilities of turning our by-product into biogas by building our own biogas energy renewal plant at our production facility in Landskrona. But that’s still to come though.

    Hope this answer clarified things for you. Please have a look in our Sustainability report if you want to know more about our impact in the world and don’t hesitate to contact us again if there is anything else.

    All the best,

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