A lot of oats contain glyphosate/round up. Does yours?
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  • Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for getting in touch! It's an excellent question and I absolutely understand your concern.

    We have always maintained very high standards when it comes to our ingredients and processes. Because of this we are commited to making sure our oats are well below the accepted safe levels of pesticide residue and heavy metals.

    Our oat supplier Lantmännen is continually analysing samples to see if there is any glyphosate in the oats they deliver. No trace has ever been found in any of these analyses. Nature is really supporting us with this! The quite harsh conditions where our oats are grown mean that pesticides are not as frequently used.

    I hope this has answered your question. Please do not hestitiate to get back in touch if you would like more information. This is an issue we take very seriously and are more than happy to talk about.

    All the best
  • Our family have made the switch to Oatly now for the last 2 months from dairy and we really enjoy it. However, I do have a concern on Glyphosate traces in oats and I can’t see anywhere on your website that states Glyphosate free?
    You state 75% of your oats are grown in Sweden, I assume this is through your supplier Lantmannen. This leaves 25% from the US And Canada which use Glyphosates extensively. Can you give me facts that will reassure me that we should continue using Oatly products?
  • Hi Howard,

    Thanks for contacting us! It is wonderful that your family enjoy our oat drink and you raise a really important concern.

    Prior to 2018, all of our oats were grown in Sweden. However, in 2018 the Swedish oat crop was significantly smaller due to a drought. This resulted in our supplier, Lantmännen, buying from farmers outside of Sweden.

    Roughly 20-25% of our oats are imported. These come predomenantly from Finland, but also elsewhere in the Baltics to a small degree. Despite this, the standards placed on our supplier have not changed. This means that they still continually analyse the oats they supply. No trace of glyphosates has ever been found in these analyses. 

    I hope this has answered your concerns. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    All the best
  • Thank you for being so transparent about this. Glyphosate is also a big concern to me and for that reason I started buying your Organic alternative. But then realised we were missing out on the enriched vitamins important for my children.

    Its a difficult choice to make. But I feel reassured that you are testing for it.

    Love your company and your ethos!

    Thank you!
  • I note that in the US you have a certification to demonstrate that your oats are glyphosate free. Do you have a similar certification for your European products, and in particular the UK market? If not, is this something that you are considering?

    I'd like to enjoy the peace of mind of an organic product with the added benefit of fortification. I take it this is not possible due to the labelling of being organic. I wonder how different the oats are in your organic range to those in your standard range?

    P.S. your barista version makes a great hot chocolate!
  • Sorry to ask again, but the question of Roundup being used for oats has come upin the main media today.
    Can you confirm that:
    The glyphosate/ rpundup levels are checked regularly and what is your cut off level of this for accepting a crop for ypur production?
    Do you require a new supplier to provide evidence of used fertilizer or test their crop?
    Thank you, Zuzana

  • Hi there,

    Lots of great questions!

    The Nordic countries have strict regulations on the use of glyphosate which is why we do not have certifications for our European products. However, both our oat supplier and ourselves still continually check our oats to ensure that no glyphosate is present in the oats.

    The predominant difference between our organic and conventional oats is how they are grown. Organic farms must fulfill a number criteria that conventional farms do not.

    We do not have an accepted safe level of glyphosate in our oats. We simply do not use oats with traces of glyphosate. We and our supplier check to see if glyphosate is present or not and, fortunately, it has never been found in our oats.

    All of our suppliers must meet the same requirements. This is true for all of our ingredients and oats are no exception. We do not enter in to agreements with new suppliers if they do not fulfill every one of our requirments. For oats, this includes continuous testing for, amongst other things, glyphosate, heavy metals and pesticide residue.

    If there are any other concerns please do let us know.

    All the best
  • Thank you very much for a clear answer.
  • Please explain more about the heavy metal testing

    Also does the supplier of the oat do the testing-which means you're taking their word for it or is it done independently and the rsults are publised, where can we see this?

  • Hi Mickey,

    Thanks for getting in touch with another great question!

    Our oats are tested by both our supplier and ourselves for levels of glyphosate as well as residues from other pesticides and heavy metals. All tests have always come back showing that there is no trace of glyphosate in our oats and the levels of pesticide residue and heavy metals are always well below the accepted food safe levels.

    Although the results of the tests are not published, as this is between Oatly and our suppliers, we place high demands for our ingredients with all of our suppliers. If you are concerned about any of our ingredients or how we work with our suppliers, you can read about more about our suppliers in our brand new sustainability report here.

    I hope this helps and addresses any concerns about our products!

    All the best,

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