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Has your Vanilla Custard recipe changed?

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  • We made some changes to our Vanilla Custard recipe as we are slowing phasing out palm oil from our products. We have chosen to use a blend of fully hydrogenated rapeseed and coconut oil instead. In addition, the amount of xanthan gum has increased slightly in order to create an extra thick and fluffy consistency when whipped. We have also increased the vanilla flavour to enhance the taste.

  • Absolutely understand why it’s changed but unfortunately it doesn’t taste as good and it’s a pain to whisk rather than just eat straight from the carton. Also the whisked version has a fluffy feel to it rather than the thick custard feel. There’s probably loads of people who like the changes, but unfortunately I preferred it previously
    Jilly Webster
  • Hi Jilly,

    Thanks for letting us know. We are always working to make the best products that we can with ingredients that our great for our health and the health of the planet. Your feedback is really useful in helping us achieve that!

    All the best

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