How are your oats fertilized?

Everything we make is vegan. And everything we do champions plant-based consumption and sustainable production, not just for the sake of people’s health but also for the future of our planet and the well-being of coming generations. When it comes to oat farming, our oat suppliers are fully compliant with the rules for conventional and organic farming. For conventional farming, both artificial fertilisers and manure are common practice. Our organically farmed oats are KRAV certified -- the most ambitious third-party organic certification in Sweden (read more about KRAV here: Organic farming aims to create a closed-circuit based on nutrient recycling, so manure and residue from animals (such as bone meal) are approved as organic fertilisers. Artificial fertilisers are forbidden in organic farming.

All Oatly products are 100% vegan and meet the criteria for vegan labelling. They are 100% vegan and contain no traces of animal products. Today we have two organic products on the UK market, Organic Oat Drink and Organic Creamy Oats.

To get even smarter around all of this, we’ve engaged in several research projects on sustainable production and consumption. And have financed a research study on sustainable farming conducted by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences that examines, among other things, the use of green fertilisers.

Everyone at Oatly imagines a future food system with the lowest possible environmental impact. And that demands a major shift from an animal based agricultural system to a much more sustainable plant-based one. We think our vegan products made from oats is a part of that change.
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  • Hi there
    This isn’t strictly speaking to do with how you fertilise your oats, but this was the closest topic I could find...
    Please could you tell me whether any of the oats you use are genetically modified? Also, is glyphosate used on the crop during the growing season or pre-harvest at all?
    Thank you.
  • Hi there Sarah,

    I can absolutely help you oat here!

    Our oats are both non-GMO and glyphosate-free. They are tested both by our oat suppliers and ourselves to check for the presence of glyphosate. In all of these analyses, there has never been any trace of glyphosate found.

    I hope this helps! Just let us know if you have any other questions.

    All the best,

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