How do I recycle my Oatly package?

Our oat drink packages are provided by Tetra Pak and are recyclable – however, recycling options may vary depending on where you live. Please follow this link to find a recycling spot near you!
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  • Are you guys looking into an alternative to Tetra-Pak?
    Cow's milk bottles are recyclable and, switching to oatly for me as part of going vegan, is to help reduce my impact on the environment.
    The fact that the carton can't be easily recycled by everyone means that it's still having going to be having a negative impact because the majority of oatly cartons will end up in landfill.
  • Hi Ross,

    Our Tetra Pak cartons are recyclable! We've chosen Tetra Pak for our packages because they're leading in terms of sustainability and environmentally friendly containers. Sort the cap as plastic and the package as carton. If you live in the UK, you can find out where to recycle here:

    We are always looking to improve both our products and packaging so any concerns are never ignored and we appreciate all the feedback we receive.

    All the best,
  • Hi there, I see it’s no longer Tetra Pak for my 1l oat drink but council only take it if it’s Tetra Pak. Do you have any new recycling guidelines? Thank you!

  • Hi Claire,

    Italpack packaging is still a mixed material drinks carton in the same way Tetra Pak packaging is. Due to this, we recommend it to be recycled in the same way Tetra Pak packaging is recycled in your area.

    The brand of the packaging should not make difference so it is definitely worth clarifying with your local council if they are referring to the brand Tetra Pak or if it is actually the material type they are concerned with.

    All the best
  • I will, thanks so much! X
  • Whilst I appreciate the carton is tetra pak/italpak I wonder if you have considered omitting the plastic pouring spout?
    Generally these small pieces of plastic are not recycled and will remain in the environment indefinitely.
    Would it be possible to simply provide the carton with no additional plastic? Many tetra park style cartons are produced without it & are much easier to sort for recycling.
  • Hi Neil,

    We have chosen to add a plastic cap because these products have to be shaken before use. However, they are made of Bonsucro certified bioplastic which is a sustainable plant-based alternative to conventional crude oil-based plastic made out of sugar cane. It can however still be recycled with conventional plastics.

    All the best,


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