How much sugar is there really in Oatly oat drinks?

There is no added sugar in any of our natural oat drinks – just the sugar found naturally in oats (maltose). In our process, we’ve found a way to break down the starch into maltose by using the very same enzymes that are naturally present in our gastrointestinal tract. This process also happens in our bodies when we eat oats, which means we’re ingesting the same amount of maltose whether consuming raw oats, oatmeal or oat drink.

Natural sugar is found in a lot of other food - one example is lactose in cow’s milk. There is 4 g maltose/100 ml in our oat drink which is comparable to the lactose in cow's milk (less than 5 g/100 ml).

Foods with lots of added sugar often have a lower nutritional value and according to dietary recommendations, we should eat less of those. As our oat drinks contain carbohydrates, fat, protein, fibers as well as calcium and vitamins, they provide energy from several nutrients. Therefore they should not be compared to foods that only contain empty calories.
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