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Individual travel sachets / portions

Do you make travel size portions of Oatly milk ? I can’t see any anywhere .. would be very useful for weekends away etc
Thank you
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  • Hi Dee,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    We appreciate the desire for a travel sized oat drink; it is a common request so hopefully this is something we'll be able to offer further down the line. Right now our oat factory is a little crowded so can't fit more packaging lines, unfortunately! Fingers crossed for the future, we agree it would be very handy.

    Thanks again and all the best,

  • Hi, I'm a big fan of your Oatly barrista milk and find it the best dairy free alternative for my daily coffee. However I too would love to see a smaller size carton as I find I only use half the amount weekly and end up throwing the rest down the drain! It would also be handy to have a travel size when on the go.
    Hopefully you'll have some space soon in your factory to add it to your product line.
    Looking forward to seeing it on the shelves in Ireland in the not to distant future.
    Many thanks,

  • Hi Caroline,

    A smaller sized carton is definitely on the wish list so hopefully we will see it available in Ireland in the near future!

    It might be useful for you to know that you can freeze our oat drinks. They will be slightly grainy when thawed but can be made smooth again by gently heating and stirring. Our oat drinks are also great for cooking. They work well in any recipe that calls for cow's milk. I hope these tips help you use up the whole carton!

    All the best

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