Is oat drink better for the environment than cow’s milk?

One of the biggest and most crucial challenges today, is the climate change. Scientists and researchers agree that we must reduce our consumption of animal-based foods and increase plant-based food consumption, not just for the sake of our own personal health but also for the health of the planet.

Global food production accounts for approximately one third of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. The UN food- and agriculture organisation, FAO, estimates 14,5% of all emissions come from the meat and dairy industries. This is more than the total combined global emissions from all forms of transport including boats, trains, cars and airplanes.  Also worth mentioning is that 38% of the earth’s ice-free area is used for food industry production and of such area 75-80% is deployed for livestock production.

A Swedish study*, based on Swedish conditions, shows that by replacing cow’s milk with oat drink, greenhouse gas can be reduced by -80%, the land use by -79% and energy consumption by -60%. Choosing a plant based diet contributes to a more sustainable consumption which helps our planet.

*The Life Cycle Assessment was made by RISE (Research Institute of Sweden, previously SIK).
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