Where does the sugar in your oat drink come from?

The sugar in our oat drink is produced during the enzymatic production process which enables us to create a really creamy product that retains a lot of the nutrition from the original oat (like fibres and carbs).

If you read the nutritional values on a carton of Oatly (or any other oat drink) you'll always see a sugar value and this is the case even with our organic drink which is made up of only two simple ingredients - water and oats.

So if no sugar is added then why do oat drinks have sugar content?...

In our manufacturing process we add enzymes that break down the starch in the oats to maltodextrin and maltose, maltose being a natural sugar from the oats. The enzymes we use are natural and are also found in our gastrointestinal tract. In our natural oat drink there is 4g of sugars (maltose)/100 ml which can be compared to the amount of lactose (including natural sugar) in cow's milk (5g/100 ml).

So that's the oat-truth and nothing but the truth about sugar and oat drinks but if you have any questions you know what to do... (insert comment below)

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