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Hi, I have a family of four and we all exclusively drink oatly. At the moment that means we are getting through roughly 6 cartons a week. Which is both expensive and not great environmentally. Was just wondering if there are plans to make larger, more family friendly cartons in future?
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  • Hey Rebecca,

    Thanks for reaching oat! It’s wonderful to hear you want more Oatly in your life, and we definitely get it - for our avid oat drinkers, bigger cartons would be much more environmentally friendly (and handy). May I ask which oat drink(s) you would like in larger quantities?

    Our Oatly elves continue to work hard over at inn-oat-vation to create products and packaging to suit everyone's needs, but in the meantime, my top tip would be to buy some of our ambient range as they have a longer shelf life and only need refrigerating after opening - this will save you going to the supermarket every few days! I know that doesn’t help with the extra packaging/financial issue, but it’s a temporary improvement while our elves figure things out.

    In 2020, the share of renewable sources in our packaging was 87% and while this is good, it could be better. Our 2029 goal is to source packaging that is completely renewable and made entirely from recycled materials, so it’ll be 100% recyclable! Here is our sustainability plan if you want to find out more: Sustainability Plan ( Sit tight Rebecca - your even more eco-friendly Oatly is on it’s way!

    All the best,

  • Came here with a similar request.. we use oatly barista daily and get through more packaging than I’d like.. are there any plans to make a vacuum or fridge container for larger quantities than a litre. Or perhaps the possibility of making an oatly milk concentrate? So a smaller container could ‘fit’ more?! Less weight and packaging for transport would be considerably more sustainable.  Thank-you!
  • Hey Zoe,

    Thanks for your message! These are great ideas and I will happily feed them back to the production team, however for us to make a more concentrated product, we would have to reduce/remove the water content, and water is essential at every stage of our manufacturing process. Without it, our drinks wouldn’t have the same yummy taste and consistency. I will attach a link to this process here.

    We are constantly striving to be even more sustainable, and the link to our sustainability plan is in my reply above if you’re interested in learning more about our growing developments to be even more eco-friendly with our products and packaging!

    Thanks so much for being an Oatly drinker and for wanting larger quantities and providing suggestions on how we could do that. We appreci’oat you!

    All the best!


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