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Limited recall from Tesco stores

As a precaution we're doing a recall of an isolated batch of Oatly chilled Oat drink whole that can potentially contain metal pieces from damaged equipment.

The risk is very small, however we always put safety first and want to make sure we eliminate any risk.

The batch affected has a best before date of 29.04.19 and has only been sold at Tesco stores between 15th March and 22nd March.

If you have bought a chilled Oat drink whole with this best before date at Tesco between these dates, please pour it out and bring the carton to Tesco to get a refund.

Otherwise you can safely enjoy your Oat drink.


  • Hi is it definitely only Tesco as I brought a carton on this yesterday from Waitrose with the same date for my 6 month old?
  • Hi Emma!

    Yes, it is definitely only Tesco, so you can safely consume products that are bought elsewhere.

    It is an isolated part of the batch that could possibly be affected, even though the risk is very small, and this batch has only been sent out to Tesco.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    All the best,
  • Lovely thank you
  • Hi,

    Can I just check that this is only for the chilled cartons? I buy a lot of oatly (mostly from Tesco) for my 1 year old, 4 year old and myself but usually the long life cartons.
  • Hi Nathalia!

    Yes, the recall is only for the chilled Oat drink whole, so your long life cartons are perfectly fine to drink!

    All the best,

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