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Oatgurt Blueberry, where art thou?

In the last week or two all of my local supermarkets have stopped selling the strawberry/blueberry Oatly yogurt and now they have removed the labels for them aswell. Does this mean they have been discontinued and if so why when they are the only Oat based yogurt on the market and they are amazing.


  • Hey Alex!

    We love that you love our Oatgurts... we love them too. But love isn't always enough and sadly we've parted ways with Oatgurt Blueberry.

    Oatgurt Strawberry, Plain and Greek will continue to carry the Oatgurt baton!

  • Nooo blueberry was amazing! Pretty sure I ate more of it than my allergy baby! What can we do to make it come back?
  • Ooooh nooooo blueberry was my favorite....:(((((((((
  • Noooooo, the Blueberry one was my favourite! Good as a snack, fantastic in overnight Oats. Please bring it back
  • Hey there blueberry-lovers,

    We shall add every one of these pleas to the Oatly wishlist which is starting to look a lot like a 'Bring back blueberry petition'! 

    Love, Oatly

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