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Hi there,

Is Oatly ice cream suitable for nut allergy sufferers?

Many thanks.

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  • Hi there,

    Yes, our ice creams other than the hazelnut flavour are suitable for nut allergy sufferers. We can ensure the other flavours do not contain nuts and have strict due diligence procedures in place with our suppliers, to further minimise any likelihood of nuts being present in our products.

    Our ice cream is manufactured together with other kinds of ice cream and via product planning, cleaning and controls in place we're able to ensure that other ice creams do not contain traces of nuts.

    All the best,
  • that's great to here, ┬áthank you . Are your original oat drinks suitable for nut allergy sufferers too ?
    many thanks
    jonathan Davies
  • Hi why does oatly ice cream contain gluten?
  • Hi there Jonathan and Maii,

    Thanks for getting in touch with the great questions!

    All of our products produced in our European facilities (apart from our Hazelnut Swirl ice cream as mentioned above) are free from nuts. Nuts are not handled in any of our production facilities apart from where our ice cream is made. We also have strict measures in place with our suppliers to further minimise any likelihood of cross contamination of our ingredients before they reach our facilities. If there is a risk of any of the 14 major allergens being present in a product, you will absolutely see it on the nutritional information as per food labelling laws.

    As for gluten, all of our products are made with 'low gluten' oats, but are not gluten-free. While oat in itself is completely free from gluten proteins, it may be contaminated during harvesting, transport, etc. We can guarantee that our products contain a maximum of 100 parts per million (mg/kg product) gluten, which is the limit for products to be recognised as very low gluten products. However, for a product to be labelled "gluten-free", the gluten level must be less than 20 ppm of gluten.

    Unfortunately, in order to create gluten-free products, the raw material that is required - absolutely gluten-free oats - is still much more expensive than the oats we use today. We hope that as more of the oats grown in Europe are used for human consumption instead of animal fodder, the demand for gluten-free oats in Europe will increase and, as a result, the price will drop as more infrastructure is invested in. Of course, we cannot predict when this will happen, though, we do hope to be able to provide gluten-free oat products in the UK in the future!

    I hope this rather long answer helps! Let us know if you have any more questions.

    All the best,

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