Packages for smaller volumes

Dear Oatly,
I was wondering if you are planning to produce Oatly in packages of 500ml or 250ml. These would be convenient for you on the go, or for those office coffee breaks.



  • Hey Bouchra,

    Thanks for reaching oat! It's great to hear you'd like smaller cartons of our oat drinks. I completely understand how handy they would be, especially for work or when you're on the go.

    We do sell 250ml cartons in other markets, however they haven't made their way over to the UK just yet. If you could let me know which of our oat drinks you would like in smaller doses, then I can let our UK product team know.

    We really appreciate you getting in touch about this, as it shows the smaller cartons would be a hot commodity over here. Would you like 250ml/500ml's for any other purposes? Do let me know.

    Thanks again Bouchra, have a fab Friday and a wonderful weekend!

    All the best,

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