How do I recycle the thin covering on top of the icecream which seems to have a coating. Does this also go in paper recycling together with the carton and lid?
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  • Hi Emma,

    Thanks for reaching oat! Can I ask which ice cream flavour are you enjoying at the moment? Have you tried our new delicious Mint Chocolate?

    The covering on top of our ice cream is 100% polypropylene - and it is 100% recyclable! It’s recommended that the tub, plastic cover, and lid be disposed of in the usual way you’d recycle cardboard in your area, although it is worth checking with your local council to confirm how it should be recycled (as everywhere differs!)

    Our sustainability goal is to reach 100% recyclable/renewable packaging on all products by 2029. We are t-oat-ally dedicated to being more environmentally friendly (so one day you won’t have any confusion as to how our products should be disposed of!) Here is more info if you’re interested: Sustainability Plan (

    Hope this helps!

    All the best,

  • Hello I buy oatly barista edition but once the carton seal has been broken none of the cartons fully reseal so when you're shaking the carton the milk is coming out of the top is there any other way you would be able to package it or a different fastening. Thankyou This is the only and best milk I have ever used
  • Hiya Carol!

    The plastic on our Barista lids is a newer material called bioplastic which means that it's derived from renewable biomass sources, rather than crude oil so it's much kinder to the planet! However, the plastic seems to be a bit weaker and doesn't always catch when you screw it back on.

    Until we manage to rectify this we have a few tips that might help. Firstly, when you screw the lid on, unscrew it again half way and the screw down fully again to help it to catch properly. Secondly, giving the carton a shake side to side rather than up and down can help minimise any bits splashing out.

    Let us know how you get on?

    All the best, Oatly


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