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Would you consider making a plant-based packaging?


One thing I'd love to see, is a switch to plant based packaging.

TetraPak produce the Tetra Rex Plant Based. Is this something you could see yourselves switching to in production?



  • Hey Matt,

    Our packaging team works closely with TetraPak and plant-based packaging is on our radar. However, it’s pretty complex as there are always so many factors to consider in terms of packaging - sustainability, safety of product, long-life retention (long shelf life = less food waste = lower climate impact) and transportation, to name but a few.

    One day, we hope to find the perfect packaging solution but until then we will faithfully continue the search.

    Love, Oatly
  • Thanks Rebecca... sadly, since moving to a location where no TetraPak recycling facilities exist (and I have a lot of skepticism about the feasibility of its recycling anyway), I have had to start buying plant-based milks that come in plastic bottles instead - as awful as they are, at least I now they are reused and recycled. I really hope we can all come to a better solution and that I can return to lovely Oatly!
  • Hi Emily,

    We're sorry to hear your new council doesn't have the right technology in place to accept Tetra Pak, and we really appreciate your feedback on this.

    While we would ideally hope for our cartons to be recycled and appreciate that councils vary in their recycling capabilities, the biggest climate impact actually comes from what the packaging is made from rather than if or how it is recycled. So, rather than only relying on the recycling capabilities of our different markets (and therefore reverting to a less sustainable form of packaging), we’re working with our packaging suppliers to ensure our packaging is as sustainable as possible by increasing the renewable content of our total product range with the goal of reaching 100% in the long-term (currently we’re at 86%). We go into more detail about the sustainability of our packaging and recycling in our most recent Sustainability Report here if you'd like to take a read: and

    I hope that provides some more insight into our packaging, and if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to reach out.

    Many thanks,

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