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Please stop suing Glebe farms.

I was appalled to hear that you are suing a small-scale producer Glebe Farms in Cambridgeshire over brand infringement, when your two products look nothing like each other except from the mention of the word 'oats' and the use of the colour white in place.

This is a real shame. I am a huge fan of your stuff because it is really really damn tasty, but shall not be purchasing any more and shall be informing my friends to do the same until you agree to withdraw legal action. Rest assured there will be many other people taking the same action.

This is absolutely ridiculous and is making you look both ridiculous and mean. The best way to get to you is through your wallet, so boycott it is!

Best wishes,


  • Hi John,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    The thing with trademark protection is that we have to take every fight. It is the first time that a product in the UK is called Oaty, and we believe it is too close to Oatly. If we decided to let that one go because of Glebe Farm being a "small-scale producer", it would mean that anyone could use Oaty in the future. We know what it's like to be a small company, we've been there, and it is exactly why we wish for Glebe Farms to thrive in their own right. We believe that the more companies join the plant-based movement, the better it is for the planet. This is what we've always striven for.

    For some background, we approached Glebe Farms in a letter in early 2020 telling them we think their branding infringed our trademark. We, unfortunately, did not receive a constructive response from them which is why an impartial legal system is now in charge of the matter.

    We are limited with what we can discuss as the court case is ongoing, but if you want to read up on it yourself, the court case documents are public, and we've made them available on

    We'd be sorry to see you go, but at least now you have the facts and can form your own opinion accordingly.

    Kindest wishes

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