Does Oatly contain Potassium?

I am trying to get potassium into my body. Does Oatly have Potassium as one of the nutrients?
PS Great product MUCH nicer than cows milk
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  • Hi James,

    Thanks for getting in touch and for you kind words about our product.

    All but two of our unflavoured oat drinks do contain potassium. The two that do not are our long-life oat drink organic and our long-life oat drink original.

    All of our chilled oat drinks (oat drink skinny, oat drink semi, and oat drink whole) contain 151 mg potassium per 100 ml. Our long-life oat drink barista contains 222 mg potassium per 100 ml.

    Feel free to check out our website here where you can find all of the nutritional values for all of our products. If you have any other questions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    All the best

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