Preservatives and shelf life

My wife tells me preservatives and additives can be bad.
But I do not see any additives or E numbers etc on the label.
The additives I can see are the vitamins, calcium etc.

How is the product produced to keep such a long shelf life?

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  • Hi Colin, it's thanks to the packaging. The packaging of the long-life drink is made of paperboard, a layer of aluminium foil and a plastic film. The aluminium layer is necessary to prevent oxygen getting in, thus increasing the shelf life of the product to one year. It's the plastic film, made of polyethylene (PE), which goes over the aluminium foil, that is in contact with the product. The plastic is bisphenol-free (A, B, C, D).

    The packaging of chilled Oat Drink does not include the aluminium foil and have a shorter lifespan because of this. Another packaging technique is used here, involving a thicker layer of plastic that seals and stabilises the product.

    Both packaging models are recyclable.

    Stay oatsome!


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