Rapeseed or Canola


Is it actually Rapeseed Oil you use or Canola.
Isn’t Rapeseed Oil toxic?
I’ve just bought 12 cartons and now concerned to give it to my children
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  • Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    I absolutely understand your concern and we take choosing our ingredients very seriously. All of our ingredients are scientifically proven safe for use in foodstuffs (known as food grade), they are dairy, soya and GMO free and are 100% of vegetable origin.

    We use hot pressed rapeseed oil that is heated to 100 degrees celcius with no chemicals added. The hot pressed oil is free from oxidising substances such as heavy metals and particles that are degrading. It is a purer oil with a consistent taste from batch to batch.

    Our rapeseed oil comes only from suppliers who have the highest certifications in accordance with the current food safety system. It has a erucic acid percentage of 0.5% and is not sprayed with neonicotinoids.

    It is absolutely safe for children and adults.

    I hope this has answered your concerns! Please don't hesitate to contact us again.

    All the best
  • Is this rapeseed oil refined? Just trying to work out if it can cause allergic reactions? Thanks
    Gem Ritchie
  • Hi Gem,

    The rapeseed oil is refined in that it is hot pressed. No chemicles are used in the processing of the rapeseed oil.

    If you would prefer a product that does not contain rapeseed oil, our oat drink organic does not contain any.

    All the best
  • Why does the labelling on the Oatly Barista available in the U.K., but manufactured in Malmö not state that a low Erucic acid is used whereas Canadian labelling does?
  • How much rapeseed oil is in the product? And do you know the omega 3: omega 6 ratio of the oil you use? I am interested in switching to oatly Barrista milk but am concerned about inflammation from the rapeseed oil. Also, do all the answers on this forum apply to the milk sold in Australia?

  • Hi Nalini,  

    Unfortunately our products have not been launched in Canada yet so we're unsure about which labelling this is. Both our US and and EU products use low erucic rapeseed oil.

    All the best,
  • Hi Bridie,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    You've reached our UK forum. Were you hoping to learn more about our products sold in Australia? If so, please email the team on info@oatly.com

    Alternatively, please let us know if you're asking about our UK and EU products, and we'll answer those questions for you here. 

    All the best,

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