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Are ItalPak recycled the same way as TetraPak?

Hello Oatly

I noticed some of your packaging has changed to ItalPak, are they recycled the same as TetraPak?

By the way I live in Cumbria and at the last check there is Zero - yes Zero - ability to recycle Tetra Pak in all but one council area. but thats sort of irrevelant now as you've changed to Italpack.

I fully understand it's not that easy, but as a company that promises 'to be a good company' as much info and advice on this recycling subject would go along way to see this being followed through.

I've spent this morning sorting through a years worth of cartons -the ones on the left are TetraPak, the others are either Italpack, yours or Elopak/Purepak - as a work colleague who lives in south Cumbria can give them to someone who will take them for recycling. A long winded process, but it feels like you are doing something good.



  • Tetrapaks are no longer collected in SUFFOLK (they suddenly stopped doing it with no announcement a couple of years ago, having previously collected them).
    They can be taken to recycling centres (assuming one has a car and the energy to do so). We collected 7 large bags full (by flattening and packing carefully) from January 2020 to March 2021. My husband and I both use plants milks and also fruit juices. A neighbour kindly took them to the recycling centre for us . . .

  • Hey Martin!

    WOW NO COW, that’s a whole lorra’ cartons you’ve got going on there…

    ItalPack and TetraPak are very similar materials and are recycled in the same manner. We use ItalPack for our chilled drinks and TetraPak for our ambient drinks (Barista, for example). You can find a bit more info on the packaging here if you’d like to know a bit more:

    In terms of packaging, there is currently no perfect solution out there, but rest assured we are always one step ahead with the search! The cartons we’ve chosen to use (at this moment in time) are the best option when we think about balancing sustainability with quality retention of the delicious Oatly product inside for the full shelf life (long shelf life = less food waste = lower climate impact).
    An interesting thing to note is that the biggest climate impact actually comes from what a material is made of and not if/how it’s recycled. Of course, we hope that our cartons will be recycled and this is our aim. But if they’re not, it’s a compromise we make to keep the carbon footprint of our drinks as low as possible overall.

    We understand the frustration for our consumers who care about sustainability and strive to do their bit for the planet and for many, recycling is a huge part of this mission. But when we zoom out to the bigger picture, Oatly is already way ahead of most companies in terms of sustainability. Every decision we make has this at its heart, even if it’s not the easy route to take – it will always be our number one priority.

    Our sustainability report lives here on our website and delves a bit further into how we manage our decisions around sustainability and the impact within different areas of Oatly, if you fancy a browse over your cuppa one day.

    We hope that this provides a bit more understanding of our goals and reasoning as to why we use the cartons we do. If you’re left with any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear from you again!

    Love, Oatly
  • Hey Alison!

    We take our hats off to you for being so eco-conscious and collecting all your cartons so they don't go to landfill.

    Since we've started selling our oat drinks in markets outside of Sweden (our original home), we’ve started seeing disparities in recycling capabilities across countries, the UK being the perfect example. Whilst UK recycling has drastically improved over the last decade we still fall down in areas - enter TetraPak cartons.
    With the correct facilities in place, it’s one of the best materials out there at this moment in time in terms of sustainability and suitability however it’s expensive for local authorities to recycle, which means many of them don’t offer the service.
    Since 2007, TetraPak has been working with local authorities to increase doorstep recycling from 20 to 67% and they continue to work behind the scenes to increase this figure.

    Love, Oatly

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