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Small would be great!

Do you plan on making small quantities eg 250 ml size cartons?  
This would be really useful as I find that being on my own I don’t use enough of a large carton before it goes off.  Friends also agree with me that multipacks of small cartons (like fruit juice) would really work for them too.


  • Hi Zena,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    We do produce junior (250ml) sized orignial oat drink and oat drink chocolate, however, unforunately these are not currently available in the UK. Due to the upcoming ban on single use plastics, we have decided to wait with launching the junior sized cartons until we have found a sustainable alternative for the straw. At the moment we are working with our packaging company to produce a great, sustainable alternative.

    Since you are struggling to finish an entire carton before it goes bad, it might work for you to encorporate our oat drink into your day to day cooking. It works great in any meal where you would otherwise use cows milk.

    I hope you're able to find a way to use our oat drink in a way that works for you!

    All the best

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