Small would be great!

Do you plan on making small quantities eg 250 ml size cartons?  
This would be really useful as I find that being on my own I don’t use enough of a large carton before it goes off.  Friends also agree with me that multipacks of small cartons (like fruit juice) would really work for them too.
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  • Hi Zena,

    Thanks for getting in touch!

    We do produce junior (250ml) sized orignial oat drink and oat drink chocolate, however, unforunately these are not currently available in the UK. Due to the upcoming ban on single use plastics, we have decided to wait with launching the junior sized cartons until we have found a sustainable alternative for the straw. At the moment we are working with our packaging company to produce a great, sustainable alternative.

    Since you are struggling to finish an entire carton before it goes bad, it might work for you to encorporate our oat drink into your day to day cooking. It works great in any meal where you would otherwise use cows milk.

    I hope you're able to find a way to use our oat drink in a way that works for you!

    All the best
  • Why not a half litre without a straw? So just a smaller version of the litre packs?
  • Hi Amore,

    Thank you for the suggestion. We are constantly evaluating our packaging and I will pass on your suggestion.

    All the best
  • +1 on the 500ml or 250ml size without a straw. I would happily pay a premium on the per ml price  for a 250ml or 500ml. I only use (oat)milk for coffee and only make it at home on weekends so I'm constantly throwing 75% full containers out
    Ryan Allan
  • Such a shame you don’t make the barista oat milk in smaller quantities
    Our granddaughter of 14 months is still cows milk intolerant, so if she comes to visit we have to open a litre for her not to drink very much of it. If our daughter forgets to take home it goes to waste
    Can it be frozen?
    Nicky Pickard
  • Hi Nicky,

    Our oat drink can be frozen, but it will become grainy when thawed. The graininess is due to the modification of molecule structure caused by freezing. It can be made smooth again by cooking/heating or blending.

    It could also be an option to incorporate any left over oat drink into your day to day cooking. It can be used in place of cow's milk and performs in the same way.

    I completely understand not wanting it to go to waste so I hope you are able to find a solution that suits you.

    All the best
  • Hi Rowena!

    No questions here just contributing to the demand for smaller carton options. Unfortunately I don't use milk in any of my cooking and also only use it for tea and the occasional matcha latte (which is why freezing and thawing wouldn't work for me). I can never get through a whole carton, it feels so wasteful especially as many consumers of Oatly are sensitive to waste and trying their best to decrease it.

    Your products are fantastic and it would be great to see smaller serving sizes in stores until demand for oat milk increases. Really appreciate that Oatly constantly evaluates their packaging, so I'm just letting you know that I know a lotttt of people who'd like to buy the smaller sizes in the UK!

    Thanks 😀
  • Hi Riana,

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Duly noted! I absolutely understand that it would be conveniet and we are excited to bring the junior sized cartons to the UK as soon as we can. I hope you're able to find a way to make it through a whole carton that works for you. If you have any tips or tricks, let us know! 

    All the best
  • My 21 month old son only drinks Oatly milk and it would be really great if smaller cartons (like Aptamil bottles - which he can no longer have) could become available for toddlers like him (poured into a baby bottle so no need for straws).
    We are going away in October and I'm struggling to find oat milk alternatives available at London Heathrow airport as I would be unable to take through 1lt cartons through airport security....And I would like him to have his milk during an 11hr flight - If anyone has any tips on what to do in this case, please share!!
    (I intend to pack a couple of bottles of Oatly in the check-in luggage so he has milk upon arrival and no need to hunt down a supermarket after such a long flight)......
  • Hi Gayle,

    Thanks for getting in touch! I'm so sorry to hear that it has been difficult for you to find a solution that will work for your family.

    We are working hard to bring smaller cartons to the UK but unfortunately this will not have happened by the time you leave in October. The best solution I think would be to pour the oat drink into a smaller reusable bottle or beaker, and take this through security. It is possible to freeze our oat drink so you could do that if there is any left over after pouring out what you can fit in a security approved sized bottle.

    I am sorry I cannot be of more help! I hope you will be able to find a good solution in time for your trip.

    All the best
  • Small cartons would be great.  My daughter needs a milk alternative to drink with her snack at school and we are struggling to find something suitable that is not a  sugary fruit juice drink.  School won't keep an open large carton either.  I would settle for small cartons with no straw, pretty please 😀
  • Can we order a case of 250ml junior oat milk from anywhere please?
    Tracy Barrett
  • Hi Tracy,

    Unfortunately our 250ml junior sized cartons are not available in the UK yet. I have replied to your previous email with more information about this.

    All the best

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