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Supply of oatly chocolate deluxe drink

It seems that apart from sainsburys nobody stocks this anymore


  • Hi Sue,

    Our choc deluxe drink is currently being stocked in Tesco, Waitrose, Morrison's, Sainsbury's and Co-op stores but we don't have a break down of specific stores in which you'll definitely find it.

    Supply from our side has been strong on our drinks so if you're no longer seeing it then it might be worth asking your local in-store team why it's not available at the moment. It might be that they've decided to stop stocking it in particular stores or that they're short on delivery drivers. Or, they might be making smaller orders and it's selling out quicker. So, it's definitely worth doing some investigating and let us know the outcome?

    All the best, Oatly

  • Having now been into another branch of sainsbury and tesco according to the managers of these stores they cannot get a supply in there areas, particularly the manager in sainsburys derby and Leicester come in district 11 he looked to see which store had any and only 3 stores had a few cartons left.  He has been ordering it as routine for the last 2 weeks but none is forthcoming so unfortunately there is a supply of this product, as I drink it for the calcium levels and I am know trying different brands to find one I like. I love oatly choc deluxe but if the supply is not there I have no choice but to try others. I have also tried Waitrose on line and they have no supply either
  • Hi Sue!

    We're so sorry about this, and to check the status we've spoken to our supply team who confirmed that choc deluxe has been the one product we've been having a few issues with in terms of stock levels.

    BUT, we bring positive news for you this Friday. We're getting deliveries into the UK over the next week and whilst for the first few days the amount supermarkets receive will be limited, as we get more and more deliveries you should see full fridges again from next weekend.

    Please do keep us updated with your search and we look forward to you being reunited with our (delicious) choc deluxe drink very soon!

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