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The food industry uses the term 'flavouring' to indicate they have used a synthetic chemical.

The food industry uses the term 'flavouring' to indicate they have used a synthetic chemically produced flavour.  Is this what you use in the Chocolate Flavoured Longlife milk? Also, is there a chemical which makes it Longlife (shelf life longer than other products)?
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  • Hi Lynn,

    Sorry it's taken sometime to come back to you.

    The shelf life doesn't come from a chemical, but rather from how we heat process and package the product asceptically. Our long life oat drinks are packed in a special carton using a method which allows it to be stored unopened at room temperature for 12 months. Many foods are packaged in this way, from beans to juices. The principle is based on heat processing and packaging which means that no bacteria is able to penetrate the package and destroy it - it becomes like a tin can. Hence it can be stored for one year at room temperature, as long as it is unopened.

    We use flavourings to give our products the taste we're looking for. Products with fruit lose much of their flavour when they undergo heat treatment, so to be able to maintain the flavour of these products, we need to use flavourings. If a products main ingredient is oats and say not fruit we use flavourings to achieve the desired flavour in our oat products. We choose to specifically state the origin of our natural flavourings when possible and synthetic flavourings are declared as you mention as 'flavouring'. Currently we use both natural and synthetic, however, we're working towards only using natural ones.

    All the best,

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