vanilla Oatly

How I can not seem to get Vanilla Oatly anywhere, can I place an order on your website at all?
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  • Hey Samantha,

    Thanks for reaching oat! I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble locating our Oat Drink Vanilla. My locals don’t stock it either so I feel your pain. We currently don’t sell directly from our site, however I can see Ocado  have some available (with a great deal on too!)

    We recommend ordering online to guarantee purchase as we have no control over how much the supermarkets decide to stock sadly. Amazon is also a good place to order from, however they too are currently out of stock, so keep an eye out in the future as they offer great bulk buy prices.

    Hope this helps (and that you manage to get your hands on our yummy vanilla oat drink!)

    All the best,
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