What do you do with the residues from the production of your oat drink?

Our aim is to be the most sustainable food company in the world. We believe that we can be a driving force in creating systematic change by leading through actions and not words. Therefore our focus is two-fold: promote sustainable food consumption and promote sustainable food production.

Scientists overwhelmingly agree that the key to this massive undertaking depends on reducing our intake of animal based food. The more plants we eat, the fewer animals that make it into our diet, the better off humanity will be - both in regard to our health and to the health of the planet. In regard to food production, we believe we are on the cusp of a major shift toward growing plants for the production of food rather than for the production of animal feed and that we have an important role to play in this development.

The process of producing food, even plant-based food, generates production residues because it is not always possible to use every part of the raw material and all of the nutrients in the end product. When we produce oat drink, a portion of the insoluble fibers are removed and the nutrients from the insoluble fibers are lost in the process. In order to ensure that these nutrients do not go to waste, we need to find a way that they can be used as nutrition.

At present, we have started to research two options - one involves turning our residues into food for human consumption and the other one is the possibility of having our own biogas plant at our facilities.
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