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What is the difference between your Whole, Semi and Skinny oat drinks?

Our Whole, Semi and Skinny oat drinks are all part of our chilled range, so they need to be stored in the refrigerator both before and after being opened.

The difference between these products is the amount of fat in which they each contain. The Whole contains 2.8 grams of fat, while the Semi contains 1.5 grams. The Skinny oat drink does not contain additional fat (rapeseed oil) like the Whole and Semi do, so the Skinny oat drink’s fat content stands at 0.5g. This gives the Whole oat drink a creamier taste, while the Semi oat drink tastes more similar to semi-skimmed cow's milk and the Skinny tastes similar to skim milk.

All three oat drinks have acidity regulators (dipotassium phosphate) added to them, to make them work well in hot drinks. They are also all fortified to the same extent.
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  • Are any of your oatly products suitable for using in whips and blancmange recipes?
  • Hey Barbara, this is a very good question and sadly the answer is no. Our Oatly cream is DELICIOUS and acts the same as a single cream would so is made for pouring over a yummy vegan apple pie and is also great for cooking. In some of our markets we have a whippable version which is the double cream equivalent but this hasn't been launched in the UK.... yet! But, once it is we'll be calling upon you to make an Oatly cream blancmange for us over Oatly HQ - YUM! Love, Oatly
  • Got some whippable today, just happened on it.  Amazing, first time Ive been able to make a desert in ages.  So excited as whole new sections of recipes that I love opening up to me again!!! It held in the pie tonight (1 hour), will see how it is in the morning but super pleased so far.
  • Hi,

    I drink Oat milk when I have coffee from cafes these days but I notice you add rapeseed oil to increase the fat in the milk.

    Where does the rapeseed come from? Is it organic or do you use pesticides in its production or is it GMO?

    Also, it does contain preservatives too. What do these do and are they necessary?

    I look forward to hearing your response.

    Kind regards

    Martin Lea
  • Hey Martin!

    We do indeed. We use rapeseed oil due to its excellent fat composition - high in monounsaturated and low in saturated fats as well as being higher in omega-3 fats than most other plant-based oils. Another advantage is its neutral flavour which lets those delicious creamy oats take centre stage.

    We use Swedish rapeseed oil in most of our products however not organic as its availability in Sweden is very limited. For our organic products we import organic oil from Austria. The supplier of our rapeseed oil is a company called AAK, it’s responsibly sourced and sustainable and you can read more about the company here:

    Re preservatives, our drinks do not contain any. Clicking on any picture here will tell you the exact ingredient list in each product. You’ll see that we enrich a lot of our drinks with extra vitamins and minerals and the reason for this is to ensure that they are just as nutritious (if not more so) than cow’s milk.

    We hope this helps? Love, Oatly
  • Hi there, do you have any recipe for scones?
  • My daughter has switched from full fat organic cows milk to whole oatly in the hope it may help clear up her hormonal acne.  Unfortunately, 5 weeks have passed and we haven’t seen any improvement.  Would you recommend she switch the oatly semi?
  • Hey Poppy,

    This is more a question for a dietician/doctor/dermatologist so it’s not something we can advise on I’m afraid. Switching to Oatly certainly won’t do her any harm as our drinks are super healthy and nutritious but it's likely you'll need to think about diet as whole, so talking to a dietician could be useful?

    Love, Oatly

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