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Why can’t I find some of your products anymore?

Since the demand for our products is rapidly increasing, we are expanding our facilities with more production lines.­­ Unfortunately, we have had some issues that have limited our production capacity. Many of you have probably noticed that we’ve had problems keeping up with our usual delivery rate for our Barista Edition oat drink and this is the reason for it.

We’re very sorry that we haven’t been able to offer this product for a while, and we do understand the disappointment you may feel. But don’t worry – it will be back!

In order for us to get back to full production capacity, we’ve decided to temporarily pause the production of a few products, such as our Orange Mango oat drink. This so that we can focus on supplying more of our popular Barista Edition oat drink.

We sincerely hope this will speed up the return to a normal delivery rate for all of our products during 2019.
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