Why don't you produce gluten-free products?

The question of whether our products are gluten-free or not and the desire for us to produce gluten-free products is without a doubt what tops our statistics.

And before we chose to break the thread with the question of whether our products are gluten-free or not, there were a lot of comments with the same wish. We know that many of you wish we would start manufacturing completely gluten-free products.

Then one can start wondering why we don't just make sure to produce gluten-free products and the reason for this is primarily the availability of gluten-free oats and that we do not have the opportunity to handle the raw material in the way required in our facility. There is a lack of supply of gluten-free oats, hence they are much more expensive than the oats we use today. If we were to make the switch to gluten-free oats it would affect the price of our products negatively which are already more expensive than the corresponding product on the dairy counter.

Our hope is that the oats will be an even bigger harvest and that this will make the price of the raw material lower. Maybe one day in the future we can offer a completely or partially gluten-free range.

But in the US you are offering a gluten-free range?
Yes, the attentive consumer may have noticed that we use gluten-free oats for our range that is sold in the US where we are using Canadian oats. On the other side of the Atlantic, gluten-free products are even more in demand and the supply of oats that are completely free of gluten is also better. This made us do our products gluten-free already from the start.

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