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Why is oatly whole milk out of stock in supermarkets

I can’t seem to buy oatly milk in supermarkets
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  • Hey Jane,

    No Oatly in the supermarkets is our worst nightmare!! The shortages have been down to issues that we encountered over Christmas both with the delays at the border due to Covid as well as Brexit. Our lorries were stuck (which you probably saw on the news) meaning that our supply was affected in the UK.

    Fear not, we have some oat-astic news for you! By this weekend you should be able to get your hands on endless amounts of Oatly as we've been working around the clock behind the scenes to catch up.

    We hope this bring some oat-filled joy to your day!

    Love, Oatly
  • Still no stock in Supermarkets in Cardiff as of 21st Jan !
  • I’m still struggling to get Oatly Whole at both Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s. The Semi is nowhere near as nice and I don’t like other oat milks as much as yours. Is this still a continuing issue?
  • What’s the reason there are shortages now?
  • Hey Charlie!

    We're currently producing as much Oatly as we can and we need to distribute what we have as fairly as possible across markets. Our Barista is a little short on supply in the UK right now which could potentially be the case for the next few months, after which you should see an improvement.

    Love, Oatly
  • I am addicted to the Barista and have been struggling to find it, I have tried many of the other brands but they don't compare. We need 0aty barista back in stock ASAP my morning coffee is not the same 🙁

    Can you advise which supermarkets are likely to stock it? X
    Nicola Heap
  • Where are all the blueberry & Strawberry oatgurt? It’s the only thing my young son will/can eat & take his Medication with?
    Down to my last 3 pots that I had to order online & get delivered from 40 miles away as none of our local supermarkets have anyfor weeks?
    ​please can you tell me when there will be stock arriving.
    Em G
  • In other words, a European company choosing (quite understandably) to sell their products in markets other than the U.K. due to the hassle and expense post Brexit.
    Vote for Brexit and now moaning you can’t get Oatley? Hear that slow hand clap?

  • Why is the Barista supply so affected and why will it remain so for a 'few months'?! I'm forced to try alternatives from other brands and hate them..
    Larissa Keown
  • Hey Larissa!

    We're so sorry for the shortages. It's frustrating for us too - depriving all our oat-fans out there of their regular Oatly fix. In short, Covid's had a big impact on production and levels aren't where they were supposed/expected to be, resulting in shortages. Our production sites are working hard to catch up and increase levels but it will take a few months for us to see effects.

    Love, Oatly
  • @ at Mark .... erm not everyone in the UK voted for Brexit!
    Em G
  • Hey Em!

    Re our Oatgurt cups - these have also been affected production-wise leading to a shortage in UK supply. Sadly, right now we don't currently have a date as to when this will improve but we're really hoping it won't be too much longer. We can keep you updated on this thread once we hear more?

    As you can all see, our UK factory is much needed! Roll on 2023...

    Love, Oatly
  • Hi Rebecca
    Thank you for your reply, yes I had seen you have a factory opening in the UK... that’s excellent 😀
    We did managed to find 6 pots of your strawberry oatgurt at our local supermarket the other day thankfully, but won’t last long eek!
    Why is it just the fruit flavour ones that we can’t get as I see there is no problem with the plain

    Em G
  • Hey Em,

    Good question. Often it goes down to supermarkets and what products they think will sell better in their stores. So they may decide to stock more plain and less fruit for example.

    We have a little bit of bad news though... we're halting production of the blueberry Oatgurt for the time being. We're really hoping that we'll be able to bring this back at some point as there's a lot of love for it! But for now, as we're reducing our offering it'll mean we'll be able to focus more on the remaining flavours and hopefully stock levels will vastly improve over the coming months meaning you'll be able to bathe in Strawberry Oatgurt, if you so wish.

    Love, Oatly

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