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Why is there no stock in England UK

Suddenly none of my local supermarkets have any stock of Oatly. Any idea when it will be back on the shelf, just ordered some barista online but at 25% hiked price. Nothing else will substitute for a milky coffee yours hopefully


  • Hey George,

    We hear you, and feel your pain!

    It's far from our dream scenario, seeing our loyal Oatly lovers missing their favourite coffee addition. You probably saw the delays at the borders over Christmas on the news? Well this affected our deliveries into the UK and meant supply was low on certain products.

    However, here comes the good news... our teams have been working round the clock behind the scenes to catch up and by the weekend you should see a jam-packed selection back in the Oatly aisle (that has such a good ring to it, one day we shall have aisles dedicated to the wonder that is Oatly).

    We would love to send you some vouchers to make up for the fact that you had to pay a 25% higher price. Would you be able to send your address in an email to and put 'FAO Rebecca' in the subject?

    We hope you have an oat-rageously wonderful day!

    Love, Oatly
  • I'm still struggling to find oatly still. Every store I've been to is out of stock and even had family members checked. What website did you buy from? As I dont have any oatly so been drinking black coffee now.
  • Still no Barista Oatly in my local supermarkets! Nor am I getting any via my 2 weekly Amazon order 🤔😞
    Sue Power
  • UK  need oatly in shores my kids miss their favourite milk 😭😭😭😭
    Esther Tawiah Anyan
  • Hey Esther! We just wanted to check in and make sure that your fridge is once again full of Oatly goodness? Our supply issues have been improving week on week so you should be seeing full ranges back in your local supermarkets now. Let us know. Love, Oatly
  • Hi

    Struggling to find the Oatley Creme Fraiche in our supermarkets here in Milton Keynes and we have all of the majors here! It has to be 4 or 5 weeks now since we've been able to buy any. Hoping to see it back on the shelves soon, cheers

  • Hey Drew! We've had some supply issues with our oat fraiche lately and whilst it's not back to 100% as yet, over the next couple of weeks you should see more of it in the supermarkets. Keep us updated? Love, Oatly
  • I’m still unable to find any Oatly within the wholesalers (I own a cake & coffee business). Do you know the best place to purchase?

  • Hey James!

    We're so sorry to hear this. Could you let us know where you're located and what Oatly products you usually purchase? And which supplier do you usually use? 

    Love, Oatly
  • hi Rebecca, I’m located in Hertford but usually pick Oatly up from either Booker in Enfield or Costco in Stevenage

  • Barista**
  • Thanks James!

    Booker supply was limited for a while but you should start seeing improvements soon as we've started working with them again after a short break and as for Costco - we're not currently stocking there.

    Another option for you could be a wholesaler called Bidfood ( They have locations all over the UK one of which is in Harlow which is super close to you. They stock Barista and the minimum order is £100 so it could be worth getting in touch with them so find out about setting up an account?

    There's also another supplier who are based in Epping that also stock Barista.

    Let us know how you get on?

    Love, Oatly
  • Thanks so much. Great customer service!!
  • We are finding it really difficult to find any Barista Oatly. I live in Preston Lancashire & my daughter lives near Bolton Greater Manchester. For the last few weeks there have been fewer Barista Oatly cartons available in the supermarkets & we have both found it’s the same even with online orders.
    I’m getting fed up 😕 now of having to put up with other makes of oat milk, that aren’t as good! Any idea when supplies of Barista Oatly will get better please?
    Jo Woolley
  • Hey Jo!

    We're currently producing as much Oatly as we can and distribute what we have as fairly as possible across markets. We have a bit of a shortage on Barista at the moment and this may continue for the next couple of months after which you should see a vast improvement.

    Love, Oatly
  • Very disappointed to hear about a shortage, even more so to hear it might last months.

    Is the current shortage due to the aforementioned border issues in January, or is this a new problem?
    Thomas Prior
  • Hi Rebecca,
    Another request for update for oat fraiche please! I am based in Belfast and usually purchase from Tesco but haven't had any in months.

    Any idea where i might find it or how long i have to wait to have it return to stock?

    thank you!
  • Hey Thomas!

    It's down to covid effects. Plans to increase production have been impacted hugely by the pandemic therefore we're having to ensure we split what we have equally across markets at the moment.
    Last year (at the start of lockdown) we linked up with an official Amazon seller and our Barista is currently in stock online so hopefully this can keep you going until your local shop is re-stocked

    Love, Oatly
  • Cannot find any Oatly oatgurt, (strawberry or blueberry) anywhere, only plain.  Have tried Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons.  Any news on when it will be available again please?
    Kate Wootton-Beard
  • I’ve been looking for oatly creme fraiche for weeks. Although I’m gutted you have production/supply issues, i’m just glad to read it’s not a product that has been discontinued. Have tried other plant based cream variations and they do not compare, it’s a fantastic substitute for dairy creme fraiche.
  • Hi,

    We buy Wholesale quantiies of Barista usually from Bookers, they have none, same at Costco, and Makro, anywhere else in the Bristol area that you know have stock?

    Mark Webster
  • I have been unable to buy Oatly chocolate deluxe drink anywhere (West Sussex). Sainsbury's told me that the product is on hold whatever that means! Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons all say it is not available. Such a shame.
  • Is there a shortage of oatly fresh chocolate milk, two local tesco and waitrose  don't have any, they have longlife but I am not so keen on this
  • Please advise re Oatly creme Fraiche and Yogurt. This lack of availability has gone on nearly 4 months now. From North west Uk.
    Christine Parker-Cale
  • Hey Christine!

    You should soon (within the next week or so) see a return of the one and only oat fraiche in supermarket fridges near you! Our oatgurts are going to take a little longer as production is still affected on these.

    We're working so hard behind the scenes to get supply ship-shape and over the next few months you should slowly see more and more Oatly filling up those shelves.

    Love, Oatly

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