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Why is there no stock in England UK

Suddenly none of my local supermarkets have any stock of Oatly. Any idea when it will be back on the shelf, just ordered some barista online but at 25% hiked price. Nothing else will substitute for a milky coffee yours hopefully


  • Hey George,

    We hear you, and feel your pain!

    It's far from our dream scenario, seeing our loyal Oatly lovers missing their favourite coffee addition. You probably saw the delays at the borders over Christmas on the news? Well this affected our deliveries into the UK and meant supply was low on certain products.

    However, here comes the good news... our teams have been working round the clock behind the scenes to catch up and by the weekend you should see a jam-packed selection back in the Oatly aisle (that has such a good ring to it, one day we shall have aisles dedicated to the wonder that is Oatly).

    We would love to send you some vouchers to make up for the fact that you had to pay a 25% higher price. Would you be able to send your address in an email to and put 'FAO Rebecca' in the subject?

    We hope you have an oat-rageously wonderful day!

    Love, Oatly

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